A Tech Mindset

Callahan is gearing up to bring you in-depth insight into the industry’s biggest advancements.


A decade into the new millennium, we may not have the flying cars or robot butlers Hollywood and science fiction writers (thank you Hanna Barbera) portray in their work, but the technology we do have is becoming more essential in our daily lives.

Maybe it’s because we’ve been writing articles about the best and brightest in technological advancements for our quarterly Technology@CU publication, but it seems to me everyone has technology on the brain.

This morning’s Credit Union Journal included an article highlighting increased debit card use, it’s toppling other payment methods as the favorite of credit union members. Members want to control spending without sacrificing convenience, and Technology@CU explains how credit unions can channel this mindset into increased card usage, implement new technology into existing channels, and better illustrate the value of debit card usage.

Another technology-oriented Journal article covers the launch of MasterCard’s peer-to-peer payment system.  With a little help from Tower Group data, Technology@CU examines the growing potential for P2P payments through mobile devices and social networks. Our market is poised for expansive growth on the scale of the online banking boom.

Technology@CU is digging into the data and developments that are making headlines today and will be in the hands of members tomorrow. To learn more about advances in credit cards, debit cards, alternative payment systems, and more, check back with us at creditunions.com and grab a copy of Technology@CU (it comes free with your CUSP subscription).