July 16, 2007


  • Competition is what a free market is about. I would suggest instead of waiting to see what kind of effect it has, maybe get creative now. And since many credit unions are more localized, your rewards can be tailored to businesses in your area and the program would become a win-win.
    Chris Duncan
  • We have more of a problem with the likes of high yield savings accounts, like ING et al, that are also attached to accounts at other financial institutions allowing members to move their money with ease.
    Joseph Madaio
  • I am interested in finding out who Mastercard makes responsible for fraudulent activity and how the members will fair when they have to request a chargeback. Who takes the loss on transactions of this nature - Capital One or the FI that holds the checking account?
    Heidi Martin
  • Credit Unions are no longer localized, having national access to member''s accounts through shared branching. This is serious competition to member owned credit unions! I agree , however, that it is a wait and see effect. I also am interested as is Ms. Martin to know where responsibility will rest with fraud and chargebacks!