April 18, 2016


  • This strategy seems to be one from a for-profit financial services provider. Mr. Kelly states, “The fee wasn’t originally designed to be an income generator." But hey, now that it is!! Sad....
  • Sorry to see you disapprove Anonymous. The truth is, our CU doesn't score very high for Non-Interest Income to Assets. In fact, we are 32nd percentile performance with a meager 1.06% ratio. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter, or seeing how your CU manages/performs without these type of fees. Jkelly@uiccu.org
    Jim Kelly
  • Don't be ridiculous. Generating income does not make this credit union a bank. The fee is not forced on members, they can very easily avoid it by their actions. Let's stop treating everyone as a victim and count on the intelligence of the credit union member to circumnavigate fees. Credit unions are here to help members, not coddle them. Look at this CU's growth. Its pretty clear they are offering preferable services in their markets.
    Also Anonymous