Credit Unions Set New Record, Grabbing 17.9% of all Auto Loans in June

Credit unions set a new auto lending market share record in June, originating 17.9% of the nation's auto loans. As the incentive wars continue to keep volume high, credit unions are looking the keep the momentum going.


Credit union auto lending market share hit a new record in June of 17.9%, demonstrating the movement’s lending prowess in the face of continuing 0% financing offers by the captives.

The 17.9% credit union market share is the highest ever recorded since Callahan’s began tracking it in June 2002.




Aug. 2, 2004


  • WOW! I had no idea that we here in Utah lead the pack for indirect lending. However, I do know, this is a big part of our growth and we place much attention on it. A fundamental key to our success has been attracting new dealer relationships with help from our indirect lending technology; DecisionAPP – It’s simple to use and has no costs barrier for dealers to submit loans to us. Good to know we do a few things right!