Customer Service Please!

Putting the member first is always a priority. Take your credit union customer service to a deeper level.


Untold numbers of pre and post holiday shoppers have paid a visit to the customer service desk in an attempt to resolve an “issue.” Most will receive a remedy but for some customer service can translate into dissatisfaction. What is customer service for your credit union? “Giving the member what they want”; “Listening to the member”; “The member is always right.” While there are many clichés, four principles stand out.

1. Issue resolution. First and foremost, both parties want a timely answer.

2. Member loyalty. The member is your best salesperson. At a minimum, keep them satisfied.

3. Upselling. When sensible, turn the issue into a sales opportunity.

4. Voice of the Member. Always listen; it’s invaluable market research.

Learn more about developing and measuring credit union customer service through the channel that handles it the most—call centers. View this webinar clip excerpted from Maximizing Your Call Center's Productivity and Impact.




Dec. 31, 2007


  • This article may be more important than some may think. Through my years at Greentree MortgageCompany, L.P., we have found that our success is based on happy CU members. When there are complaints, they need to be resolved to maximize the member''s benfits. This is our motto!!!!!!!!!
  • very short - not much information