Do You Believe?

A plethora of ingredients go into creating an environment of happy employees. A key part of creating this environment is giving them the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.


A couple of years ago, the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts ran a marketing campaign using these words as a tagline: “Do You Believe?”  The tagline’s underlying question: Could the Colts be the next Super Bowl Champions of the NFL?  The year before the Colts’ Super Bowl hopes were dashed by the lucky grab of an ankle in the conference championship game.  But this year would be different … and, yes, in the end the Colts really did become Super Bowl Champions.

The question on the table today is where is your team headed this year?  Not your favorite sports team, in this case, but your credit union.   You are the coach.  Does your team have the stuff of champions?  Can you make it all the way?

Let’s explore how the relationship between staff, service, sales, and profitability forms the life cycle of today’s overall business success – and let’s start with some management philosophy in the form of a few questions.

Do you believe happy employees help create happy members?
I certainly believe this to be true.  Fun, energetic, enthusiastic employees can’t help but rub off on your members as they interact with them.  Your member contacted you for a reason – so if your team successfully answered the question or resolved the problem you get good points for doing the job.  If you did it with a genuine smile and enthusiasm, you get bonus points in terms of the positive vibes you created in your member’s mind.Do you believe happy members will give you more business?

I do, indeed.  Study after study about member loyalty indicates that your most loyal members will think of you first for their financial needs.  The best possible marketing dollars you can spend are those that lead to more satisfied, more loyal members.  Maybe your marketing plan should consider investing in some of that “happy employee” stuff? Want to know something else?  Loyal members will actually tell their friends about you, too!

Do you believe more business is better for your ‘bottom line’?
Gotta agree with this one, as well.  As long as you are doing a proper job of pricing your products and managing your expenses, then more business is definitely a good thing.

Do you believe a bigger ‘bottom line’ makes everyone happy?
You betcha.  There is nothing like a little success to create more success.  Everyone involved in the organization will be pleased with the results.  Management will feel more confident, your board will be pleased, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your staff will feel more loyal about you as an employer if things are going in the right direction.

The Success Life Cycle
And guess where we are? … right back to creating happy employees.  This whole process of creating a successful credit union organization starts with creating an environment where staff can do their jobs properly and can excel in serving members.

Human nature is such that almost everyone wants to do the right thing.  For example, when a member calls or walks in the door, your staff wants to perform at its best each and every day. 

Enabling Happy Employees with Technology
A plethora of ingredients go into creating an environment of happy employees.  A key aspect of creating this positive environment is giving them the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.  In the credit union industry, technology is an essential tool that can help your team tremendously by giving them information at their fingertips, making it easy to serve and sell to members.  When you think about possible technologies, here is a reminder list of those elements that your employees need to access quickly when your member is in front of them:

  • Contact Management Tools – A good way to start is with basic contact management tools – a platform that will make it easy for anyone on your team to “jot down” a few notes from a conversation with a member that can be instantly shared with everyone else on the staff.  That way, if the member ends up talking with another employee, they don’t have to start all over with the explanation.
  • Service Request System – Moving up the sophistication ladder, how about implementing a service request system - a tool to capture, track, and resolve member requests?  This system ensures that you can effectively capture the right information when you are talking with the member and then get it automatically routed to the right people in the organization to resolve the request.  Maybe even sprinkle in some work management tools like escalation to help you keep track of which requests are getting “old” and need priority attention.
  • Data Integration Tools – Further yet down the line are data integration tools.  Does your team routinely visit three or four different systems to view member data and field requests?  What if your member service platform could pull all that information together in one place that it is right at the fingertips of your staff?

fiVISION and other companies offer several tools that enable superb service capabilities at credit unions.  Our memberWORKS platform was built specifically to address the ideas outlined here.  Properly used, your credit union will become quicker, more efficient, and more knowledgeable about the relationships you have with your members.  Your staff will feel more empowered because they have the right tools.

The result?  Happy employees, happy members, and more business.  Now, that sounds like a championship result!

Use of effective relationship management tools – like fiVISION’s memberWORKScan help your credit union be knowledgeable and responsive when fielding member requests.  This will empower your team AND build strong member relationships at the same time.  If you want to find out how contact & service request management has made life easier for some of your peers – contact me and I’ll share some of their results with you.  For more information call 317.612.3350 or visit us online at




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