eBrief: Strategic Planning for 2011

Opportunities and challenges in an uncertain environment


Uncertainty abounds in today’s economic environment. The government continues to pass sweeping reforms on the financial system. NCUA warns of additional assessments tied to credit union losses. Loans continue to be the critical point for credit union income. How can your credit union position itself for success?

What differentiates credit unions is their ability to maintain a long-term view and continue to serve members at a high level independent of economic conditions. Retaining that focus on member needs should shape your direction in 2011 and be the difference in your credit union’s long-term success. 

In this exclusive CUtv clip, Callahan & Associates EVP Jay Johnson provides a holistic view on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry heading into 2011. Perspective from Goldman Sachs, analysis of industry performance, and a breakdown of credit union business model fundamentals highlight key questions your credit union should consider when undertaking strategic planning.