April 5, 2013


  • Tim, Excellent article - hopefully people take this one seriously - This area causes a great deal of problems for many organizations – had many examples between 2000 to 2005 before the collapse in 2007. Dan Gilbert
    Daniel Gilbert
  • Tammy, Credit unions originated $124.1 billion in first mortgages during 2012. Thanks for the question! Andrew
    Andrew Bolton
  • What was the total 1st mortgage origination volume for credit unions in 2012?
    Tammy Trefny
  • Andrew, This is a very good article. There are several other ways to mitigate risk. On the investment side credit unions could have the preponderance of their investments in variable rate product. On the liability side offering above market longer term certificate rates is another win-win for the members and the credit union. And increasing membership and thereby increasing core deposits are also great interest rate mitigators. Cheers, Evan
    Evan Clark