Information is Currency – Call Centers are the Revenue Engines

Information is a form of currency in the digital age. The Call Center is a pure source of it.


Information is a form of currency in the digital age. The Call Center is a pure source of it.

The Call center dominates, and will continue to dominate, as a remarkable enterprise resource for information and data. Call Centers are a singular source of member intelligence. Call centers are a peculiar place where your enterprise is a close as you can get to the real and true source of member information and intelligence, the actual dialogue with the member.

The Call center is where (or when) at a specific point in time the credit union can capture new, fresh and raw information directly about its members – that is when you are talking to them. Information is being minted in its largest denominations when a company talks to its members.

Call centers are the mitochondria of the enterprise; they are the fuel for the adding value to the member relationship. Call centers are currency engines and an unqualified characteristic is that the call center is its enterprise's breathing apparatus – to be thought of as lungs, not as an appendix. We all recognize the benign shrug that the words “ Call Center ” get when the call center is discussed today. There is sometimes a bastard step-child effect, the consequence of over 25 years of the inertia of industry conditioning.

Lost in the backwaters of the attention to the Internet, ERP and data mining, call centers remain the enterprises ideal source for information and branding.

An April 2008 credit union member survey from Callahan's Internet Strategy Consortium shows that members prefer the Call Center over any other channel for questions about their account. (see below) The personalized service from a call center representative adds value to the member relationship according to the survey. There continues to be a lot of opportunity to learn about member needs via the Call Center .

Graph source: Callahan's Internet Strategy Consortium
Article source: reprinted from Lost in the Labyrinth by Kathleen Peterson

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