Mix And Match

One Georgia credit union uses data and specialized loan product to understand and entice prospective homebuyers.


Today, the world is about customization. People can cater their smartphones to their own tastes. Cars can be modified and tweaked until they meet the buyer’s demands. You can go online and design shoes until you think you’ve found your dream piece of footwear.

Mortgage products are no different. Members are looking for mortgages that not only get them in their dream home but also keep their wallets as full as possible.

Associated Credit Union ($1.18B, Norcross, GA) is working to meet member needs with assorted specialty products. But the credit union knows that understanding members is the best path to success. The staff collects data on the traffic and transactions that take place on Associated’s web site.

After collecting the data, the staff makes decisions that generate business. The credit union offers a 5/1 and 7/1 ARM on both conventional and jumbo loans and has recently brought back an application fee but at a lower dollar amount than in the past.





Aug. 22, 2011



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