May 2, 2011


  • Bill,

    You're exactly right. Efficiency is a case-by-case situation. I just wanted to offer some tips in the article that might be helpful. We're putting on a webinar later this month about efficiency that you might find useful. Here's the link.
    Thomas Cullen
  • efficiency for one credit union may be different for another. We are a CDCU and Low Income credit union. We have a lower score field of membership and we are determined to serve them well, but they take another kind of efficiency. We have more staff in lending and collections than others our size, and are able to maintain far below average delinquency and loan losses. Without our 'inefficient' style of operations, losses would overcome our net income rather quickly. Efficiency has to be defined based on your business model and strategic plan. It's not a 'one size fits all.'
    Bill Wade