May 5, 2008


  • Members at my CU love our monthly 'e-mail newsletter.'

    We have used it to for all sorts of things, from warnings about e-fraud and phishing, to connecting members with free financial education materials/programs. Only a small % of our members opted out when we launched the service...They really like it.
  • Our small credit union only got a website up & running 10 months ago. For me this was good information.
    Betty Newhouse
  • Because credit unions have ongoing, frequent and sometimes sensitive interactions with members, they generally can get members to use a “Message Center” concept where all communications are handled through secure Web pages rather than using email. This provides a much more secure, reliable and controlled channel than email will ever provide and also allows all member communications to be available from one source, providing the all important 360 degree view of the member relationship. To ensure members get their messages, a quality “Message Center” will even enable members to be notified of unread messages via their phone and notifies them of unread messages when they log into online banking or some member portal. Emails often get automatically filtered and most email client software today will manually require the person receiving the email to download images and allow tracking, resulting in those things not happening and the value of the communication being compromised. Why deal with email if you don''t have to?
    Chuck Van Court
  • great article
  • Great post. I love emails from my credit union and other financial institutions. But as always, be sure to comply with the E-SIgn act if you want to send emails to comply with regulatory disclosure requirements.
    Anthony Demangone
  • The survey was conducted by Callahan on behalf of the 15 credit unions in the Internet Strategy Consortium. Data is based on 14,670 member responses. The question was worded as follows: Beyond requested email alerts related to your account, what do you consider to be an acceptable number of emails per month to recieve from the credit union? None was the first option. Many credit unions are using email with strong results, not only to promote products, but educate members. If you are concerned about "bothering" members, simply make your list "opt-in", but member feedback indicates that this is a desired communication channel.
    Denise Senecal
  • I would be interested in seeing the actual survey questions and who conducted the survey. It sounds on the surface to me like a company that wants to send e-mails for you making a case for their own services. The results of this survey fly in the face of what we are hearing from our members.
  • Wonderful news! Ever since I came to my current credit union, just over a year ago, my marketing dept has been struggling to figure out this vital form of communication for our members. I can''t wait to present this to our CEO - as Callahan is a trusted authority on CU research.