Nov. 28, 2011


  • Very interesting take on the pre and post merger CU. One aspect that is not specifically addressed is the efficiency of the new organization. Presumably there would be cost savings that would improve the overall stability of the new CU and result in a stronger member owned institution.

    Also the accounts per members immediately after consolidation might drop, especially with similar sized CUs with overlapping markets, as common shareholders consolidate accounts.

    Ronald E Koza
  • Very good topic and well done analysis, made more difficult by the significant change in the economic climate. The additional data I would like to see is the; number of members per staff positions, staff cost (salary and benefits) per member, average staff and benefits cost, and percentage operating cost to operating income.

    This data might shed more light on who benefited the most out of the merger and minimizes the effects of the economic climate issues.
    Richard Perry