Aug. 2, 2010


  • It's too tong and too abstract (philosophical). Most consumers and members would have little interest in reading such a letter and even if they did some wouldn't quite understand it. I think every CU should take the lead in this dialogue as you say, but it has to be drafted in such a way that draws the member in speaking about issues and products/services especially that are important to them.
    Thoam Vigueras
  • The letter sounds like I am supporting Obama , Frank and Dodd's attempts to control the economy, I am not sure why any credit union would support that bill but some do. I could not recommend that part of the letter. Many members are too opposed to that bill.

    The bill does not help the consumer or the economy. I do like the idea of a letter to members that the credit union is there for them during the financial upheavals with an emphasis on how our credit union is the best path for financial freedom.
    David Proffitt