USA FCU Gets the Message with an Intranet

Boasting their new intranet as a premier communications tool, USA Federal Credit Union fundamentally changes the way their users communicate.


As the weekly Operations team meeting gets underway, Simon, the Operations Manager, checks to see if everyone in his team received a copy of the procedure update that he emailed out earlier in the day. Stacy raises her hand to let him know that she never received a copy of the procedure. This is nothing new to Simon, as he often forgets to copy a team member on the email and the company email server has acted up in the past. Simon thinks to himself, “There must be a better way to do this,” as he leaves to make a copy of the procedure for Stacy. The meeting starts 10 minutes late.

Sounds familiar? It does to USA Federal Credit Union, an international credit union with offices in California, Nevada, Korea, and Japan.

The Search

After utilizing broadcast emails and finding the process frustrating, USA Federal Credit Union went in search for an intranet solution that would facilitate better corporate communication, streamline business processes and provide collaboration tools. After looking online for intranet software and evaluating several options they went with Intranet Connections, an intranet software package that is popular among credit unions across the USA and known for its simple implementation, ease of use and customer service.

Getting Underway

To help with the release of their new intranet site, the credit union formed an intranet committee from their headquarters user base. Two committee members were nominated as project coordinators, and they shared site administrative and management duties. The committee also put together a set of guidelines for intranet usage with all users having to agree to the standards before being able to access the site. The flexible security options provided within the Intranet Connections software, and the ability to easily and quickly deploy department pages, has allowed the credit union employees to add their own content for their respective departments, with department managers monitoring the published content.

Fundamental Changes in Communication

USA Federal Credit Union reports that the use of their intranet site has fundamentally changed the way users communicate within the company. Policies and procedures are now organized, important shared documents are in one location and available for full-text searching, and the Employee Directory is used for quickly locating phone list information and employee pictures. One of the more valuable features of their intranet site is the ability to push new and relevant information to users the minute they access the intranet. This provides a constant flow of training and security awareness to the credit union’s employees.

The use of Intranet Connections has allowed USA Federal Credit Union to step away from using emails as a mass communication channel and has provided them with a more effective method of sharing information among employees. They were up and running quickly with the software and Intranet Connections delivered a flexible and feature rich platform for the sharing and collaborating of information. The release of their intranet site has been rated as one of the big successes of the last year, and the CEO of USA Federal Credit Union has called it their “premier communication tool”.

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July 2, 2007


  • Like comment #1, there are many great alternatives to Passageways like Intranet Connections and''s CUsite system, that not only produces the public site but also powers advanced intranet features.
  • Looks like a good alternative to Passageways that has also been successful outside of credit unions....
  • while this may be an alternative to Passageways but let''s get serious as the solutions lacks any Instant Messaging, Forms Building, federated seraching, unified alerts and many such serious pieces. It''s an intranet unlike Passageways portal solution...expensive but facilitates real collaboration.