With Gratitude

A special thank you to the employees and members of GTE FCU for their participation in Season 6 of our Anatomy series.


Thank you to the employees and members of GTE Federal Credit Union for welcoming our team into your credit union and your community, and a special thanks to the following individuals who contributed their time and industry expertise to this section. You’ve shown that in all economic circumstances, the cooperative system can provide members with a fresh start and a brighter economic future. Your vision and enthusiasm is contagious!

Brad-BakerBrad Baker, Chief Financial Officer 

The key is to be in contact with members, to have conversations with them and let them know we aren’t some giant financial institution working out of another state. We’re here for our members in good times and bad. 

3312BestWebBrian Best, Chief Lending Officer 

We’ve modified many members’ loans to the point where we’ve even taken other debt outside of the credit union in order to wrap it up internally and focus on the whole solution, where other banks and credit unions were just not willing to do so. But it has to be a total fix. You have to either be all in or not.

Cheryl-BrownCheryl Brown, Senior Vice President of Talent 

We have really focused on breaking down silo mentality. The better you build relationships across the various departments, the better you’re going to be able to deliver the service that you need and the productivity that you want. 

Chad-BurneyChad Burney, Chief Information Officer 

We’re going to continue to perfect the fraud aspects and security aspects of our online channels, but also offer a whole suite of products that will allow our members to do all of their financing in one particular place. 

E.C. Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

We have so many talented people here, and you can feel the energy. You can feel the excitement. You go into a room, and you have 10 or 15 leaders in there and you can see it on their faces. People want to be a part of that.

JoeBrancucci-(new)Joe Brancucci, Chief Executive Officer 

I’m a big believer in something called ‘eloquent transparency.’ And there’s a level of transparency in all of our communications here, whether it’s staff-to-staff, staff-to-member, or executive-to-executive. They know what the words mean, they know how to articulate those words, but they also know when it feels right. And that, to me, is when communication’s effective.

John Trujillo, Vice President of Member Resolution

One of the largest goals that we typically emphasize is our return to member. If you check with banks, you’ll see that their strategy is a return to the stockholder. We feel that our return is to the coop and the members, so we concentrate on that as a main goal.

Kim-YarnelliKim Yarnelli, Vice President of Member Home Loan Programs

We’re trying to attract first-time homebuyers because right now is a great opportunity for someone that has been renting and has the opportunity to now purchase. Interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in history, and the price of a home is the lowest it’s been in the Tampa Bay area forever.

Lester Santos, Vice President of Member Consumer Lending

One of the things where we really want to do is make sure that we’re educating our employees here as to how our products really benefit the members. Once our employees really understand, then they’re better able to go out and educate the member.

Mandy-ZurbrickMandy Zurbrick, Vice President of Marketing

We are all on the same team, moving in the same direction and our momentum is fantastic. We are reducing or completely knocking off fees that we’ve had in the past. We are taking a look at everything we can do to make membership more valuable.

headshotMichael Cummings, Community Financial Center Manager in Brandon, FL

It is always an assuring feeling to work for an organization where your voice matters

Robert Pierce, Vice President of Member Experience 

It’s more than us changing our products. It’s more than us reducing interest rates for the benefit of loans. It’s the feeling members get when they walk in. They know they’re getting quality.

Shamus-McConomyShamus McConomy, Vice President of Member Business Services

From a business side, we’re going to create a mentality that area small businesses haven’t seen, which is to bring them the credit union philosophy of members helping members. We get to know their businesses and we don’t just ship them off to a credit underwriting shop. We really understand what they do, so that we can make those crucial loans to help the business when they need it most. 

Todd Gregory, Vice President of Member Experience 

We don’t want just the member who’s there in front of us. We want the member and all of their family and all of their friends, and I think that’s something that’s missing in a lot of institutions. I don’t want just the experience of their checkbook. I want to make sure that we can handle everything that comes up for your family.