Oct. 26, 2009


  • @MP - Smart typo: "gold 'ole Yankee Stadium"

    Made of gold and fans must pay gold to get in!
    B. Fulham
  • Good fact checking, MP. Frank "Hondo" Howard must still be stuck in the 1960's, when he was slamming homers over the wall of RFK Stadium for the Senators.

    I'm pretty sure I saw CC Sabathia at the Food Lion the other day, so the addition of those mega-nutrients, in addition to NY credit unions' share growth, will probably help the rotation.

    Also, the ROA of Navy Federal CU seems to indicate that Jim Zorn will be fired in Week 12, despite public statements to the contrary.
    Frank Howard
  • Comment 1 does have a good point. But you still have to give the Yankees the edge because it is that other NY baseball team that plays at Citi Field. It's just the gold 'ole Yankee Stadium for this team - no 'big bank' sponsor!
  • Well researched, Nick. Although I think our Super Bowl picks of the past have indicated that strong credit union performance has a negative correlation with the performance of the sports teams in their region. I'm sticking with the Phillies.
    Joe James
  • With an analysis this thorough, how can you omit the fact that the games will be played at Citi Field and Citizens Bank Park? They're evil empires and a slap in the face to the credit union movement.

    The reference to "heavy hitters" suggests Mike Philbin may have been a ghost writer of this article; nevertheless, a good read.
    Frank Howard