Rebecca Wessler

Rebecca Wessler is an editorial consultant and former editor-in-chief for Callahan & Associates. She works with Callahan’s team of writers and freelancers in their goal of creating actionable content for web, print, and research reports. Rebecca has more than 15 years of experience covering business and finance, ranging from a local business magazine in Kansas City, MO, to a niche newsletter for Dow Jones. She’s held a senior editorial role at Callahan for more than 10 years and works across the company to ensure the voice of Callahan reflects that of credit unions everywhere.

A Midwest native, Rebecca earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology and sociology and a Master of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia. In addition to Missouri and DC, Rebecca has lived in Matamoros, Mexico; La Paz, Bolivia; and Berlin, Germany. Send her an email below or find her on Twitter @CreditUnionsRW.

Industry Insights

Core Problems? Core Solutions!

This week on, tips from the marketplace on all things core.

Industry Insights

Work Smarter And Harder

Credit unions across the industry have deployed various tactics to achieve their desired earnings during the economic downturn, and this week is dedicated to highlighting the approaches that will work in good times as well as bad.

Industry Insights

Luddites Need Not Apply

In today’s financial services landscape, credit unions need leaders who understand the art of business and the thrill of technology.

Industry Insights

What’s In My Wallet

This week,, is all about credit cards — who has them, who wants them, and how to make them a successful part of your core business model.

Industry Insights

The New Normal

Compliance is on everyone’s mind in 2014, but credit unions are discovering ways to ease the burden and support one another.

Industry Insights

It’s A Great Day To Try Something New

This week, is all about reinvention. We’re profiling an array of businesses — some credit unions included — who have taken major changes in stride and come out stronger in the end.

Industry Insights

What Can Credit Unions Learn From Fleetwood Mac?

Author Malcolm Gladwell offers three insights on innovation gleaned from the storied career of the British-American rock band.


Anatomy Of A Dual Market: An Update On Security Service Federal Credit Union

The Texas-based juggernaut now serves three states and nearly a million members.

Anatomy Series

Anatomy Of Wright-Patt Credit Union

A financial education strategy and smooth processes help this large credit union succeed. Take an in-depth look at its strategy.

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