Ed Gattis


Ed Gattis is the Client Relations Manager for Callahan & Associates.

In the 21st century, creating targeted campaigns for credit union industry suppliers requires a specialized set of skills: in-depth knowledge of the industry his clients serve, ability to utilize credit union data creatively to forge optimized campaigns, willingness to work with his clients however and whenever they need, and a passion for his work that doesn’t brook anything less than 110%. In his two years at Callahan, Ed has honed these skills, and he brings them to his clients every single day.

By combining contextually placed print ads and fully optimized online campaigns, he ensures that his clients receive the full-spectrum branding and marketing treatment they need to hone a competitive edge in the credit union supplier industry.

Ed graduated from George Mason University in 2007 with a degree in communications, specializing in public relations. Since he joined the Callahan team, Ed has specialized in marketing to and with credit unions. 


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Are your favorite staples of the holiday season actually the result of corporate branding?

By Ed Gattis | May 30, 2012

Sell your credit union and its financial products with the maximum effectiveness.

By Ed Gattis | Jan. 31, 2012

Even the small rat has a large need to cooperate with other rats for mutual benefit.


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By Ed Gattis | Jan. 18, 2012

Successfully serving your members involves solving the changing problems that they face through life, not merely an aggressive cross-selling promotion.

By Ed Gattis | Nov. 7, 2011

Viewed from a member’s perspective, a credit union merger presents a whole new set of challenges.


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