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By John Marron | Sept. 20, 2004

Indirect lending programs enable members or nonmembers to apply for financing with a credit union at their auto dealership. Credit unions with these programs have experienced greater auto loan and membership growth.

By John Marron | Aug. 9, 2004

Data from Callahan's First Look program shows credit union's loan-to-share ratio hitting 74.6%, its highest levels in 2 1/2 years. Mortgage and auto lending helped boost loans for the participating credit unions 4.4%, while shares grew at a much slower rate of 2.0%.

By John Marron | Aug. 2, 2004

Credit unions set a new auto lending market share record in June, originating 17.9% of the nation's auto loans. As the incentive wars continue to keep volume high, credit unions are looking the keep the momentum going.


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By John Marron | July 26, 2004

By John Marron | July 12, 2004

May, credit unions originated 17.6% of all auto loans, tying a record for auto lending market share. Recent slow sales have brought another round of sweet incentives that should bring consumers to the dealer lots and hopefully to your credit union.


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