Jon Jeffreys

As President & CEO of Callahan & Associates, Jon Jeffreys leads a team of incredible associates dedicated to assisting credit unions improve the wellbeing of their members and communities. His role is the culmination of two decades — 19 spent with Callahan — of conscientious, diligent work serving credit unions.

Early in his career, Jon had the opportunity to learn from some of the most transformative leaders within the credit union movement. In 2007, he helped form and was the first CEO of CU Student Choice, a credit union service organization dedicated to filling the funding gap that exists for many would-be college students. To date, the CUSO has helped more than 90,000 members finance higher education; however, Jon is not one to rest on the riches gained through past success. Today, he works diligently with an array of industry stakeholders to ensure credit unions are developing sustainable positive outcomes for the future.

Jon has a natural curiosity that pushes him to think about new ways to improve the world around him — especially when it comes to credit union products and services. He’s always seeking better outcomes and tends to see challenges merely as new opportunities. 

One of Jon’s most admirable traits is the tendency to see the best in people; it’s an approach to the world that has served him well as he and his wife enjoy the trials and thrills of raising two young boys. In his spare time, Jon likes to play golf and travel. His travels have taken him around the world, but the native of Pittsburgh remains a loyal fan of the Steelers.


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