Michael J. Sacher

Michael J. Sacher is a certified public account with more than 30 years experience serving credit unions. He’s earned a national reputation for his expertise in accounting and finance, internal control, ALM, and credit union governance. Mike has helped numerous credit unions update their ALL strategies and policies. In 2008, Mike launched his own consulting practice, Sacher Consulting, with the goal of assisting credit unions as a trusted business advisor and partner. In 2012, Mike launched Protect My Credit Union (www.pmycu.com), a whistleblower reporting service whose goal is to discourage or prevent internal fraud in credit unions. 


By Michael J. Sacher | Jan. 30, 2013

Mike Sacher reviews the changes to allowance accounting regulation, as well ascurrent trends in delinquency and coverage ratios.

By Michael J. Sacher | Jan. 18, 2013

Mike Sacher and Alix Patterson review issues related to the allowance for loan losses including the latest data on credit union asset quality trends, given the recent changes in regulatory reporting, and what credit unions need to consider for the coming year. 

By Michael J. Sacher | Dec. 26, 2012

On December 20, 2012 FASB issued a Proposed Accounting Standards Update on the allowance for loan losses which could have a profound impact on credit unions.


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By Michael J. Sacher | Dec. 17, 2012

ALL insights and observations for year-end 2012.

By Michael J. Sacher | Jan. 27, 2012

A summary of key provisions of the proposed action with commentary on what the rule will mean for credit unions.


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