The Cooperative Impact On The World Economy

Cooperatives are impacting the world economy on a larger scale
Janet Lee

Total Membership & Loans At Credit Unions Worldwide
For all credit unions worldwide | Data as of December 31
Callahan & Associates |

According to the World Council of Credit Unions, total membership at credit unions worldwide reached 208 million at the end of 2013 that’s an increase of 22 million members since 2008. What’s more, total loans at credit unions worldwide increased 34% during that time frame. By the end of 2013, credit unions held more than $1.1 trillion in loans.


Source: World Council of Credit Unions

Notable Credit Union Statistics
For all credit unions worldwide | Data as of December 31
Callahan & Associates |


Note: Penetration* is calculated by dividing the total number of reported credit union members by the economically active population age 15-64 years old.

Source: World Council of Credit Unions

Credit Unions Around The World
For all credit unions worldwide
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1. Credit unions provide access to financial services to the rural poor.

In Mexico, credit unions provide savings and loan products to residents of the most marginalized areas of the country.

2. Credit unions rebuild during and after conlifct.

In Afghanistan, credit unions reach out to areas affected by conflict and help restore financial stability.

3. Credit unions support communities at risk.

In Kenya, credit unions raise awareness and share information to mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDs. They also create savings accounts for adolescents affected by the disease.

4. Credit unions help reconstruct areas hit by natural disasters.

In Sri Lanka, credit unions helped rebuild the communities hit by the 2004 tsunami.

Source: World Council of Credit Unions

Cooperatives Around The World
For 2.6 million cooperatives across 145 countries | Data as of March 2014
Callahan & Associates |

Global cooperatives employ 12.6 million* people, roughly 0.2% of the world’s population

Did you know?: This is slightly larger than the entire adult population of Ecuador.

*This does not include data from the 982,400 agricultural cooperatives in China.

Cooperatives around the world generated $3 trillion in annual revenue.

Did you know?: The combined global cooperative economy is larger than France’s economy.

The cooperative banking/credit union sector consists of more than 210,000 cooperatives, more than 2.4 million employees, and more than $11.2 trillion in assets.

Did you know?: After the agriculture/grocery sector, financial services is the second largest cooperative sector by number.

Source: 2014 Global Census on Co-operatives For the United Nations Secretariat By Dave Grace & Associates

October 20, 2014

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