5 Free Tools To Find New Members Online

Use these five free digital marketing tools to find new members online.

As we head toward the end of 2013, more than 6,000 credit unions report providing a wealth of online and mobile options to members. Although humanity hasn’t yet made the switch to a completely virtual existence, it’s a safe bet that consistently engaging members online is an optimal strategy for reaching millennials.

A common challenge in online marketing is keeping track of efforts on all channels (SEO, social media, PPC, etc.) and determining the correct next step for each one. There are several tools credit unions can pay for to help them analyze current online marketing efforts and identify new areas of opportunity; however, there are also several tools that do the same thing free of charge.

1.Get Listed Did you recently switch branch locations or expand into a new area entirely? GetListed provides a one-stop shop to ensure all your branch locations show up properly in search results. As Google continues to refine its search engine results to display based on the searcher’s physical location, having all of your branch locations listed correctly is a great way to ensure your credit union is top of mind for anyone looking for a new primary financial institution in your area.

2.FollowerWonk Twitter is a fantastic way to work with members online and provide top quality customer support to people who prefer to communicate through this medium. Although it’s commonly assumed that more followers are better, there are better ways to prove ROI than consistently reporting follower count. Followerwonk allows users to analyze followers and find out where they are, what they like to tweet, and which of their friends might also benefit from a membership from a cooperative financial experience. Inboxes are constantly filling up with marketing emails, so why not try something new and reach out directly through Twitter?

3.Open Site Explorer There’s no lack of competition to reach consumers online. Sometimes, other local businesses’ digital marketing efforts stand out. In this case, there’s no harm in taking a peak at their work and seeing where their efforts can work for your credit union. Open Site Explorer allows users to pull a report of the main sites that consistently link back to a single website or homepage. Simply type in any URL and find out which bloggers and other sites are linking back to it. After doing so, scan this list of sites and see which ones might be open to posting a guest post by your CMO or even a blog from a happy member.

4.Google Analytics No Top 5 Free Tools list would be complete without a reference to this robust free tool that is consistently updated with new features. In the past three months, GA has included an auto-generated chart as well as the ability to dig deeper into the demographics of the members who visit your credit union’s homepage on a regular basis. Your online member profile might be completely different than your typical member profile. Find out and identify the best places to tweak your marketing messages.

5.Built With Have you ever admired the website of a peer and wondered how they built it? If it’s another credit union, I’m sure it would be happy to share the details. If you don’t know the company professionally, bypass aggressive stalking on LinkedIn and try using Built With to see what technology your peers prefer.

There are hundreds of ways to improve or otherwise capitalize on your digital marketing efforts. These five tools are quick, easy, and best of all FREE.

October 31, 2013

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