Be The Good News In Bad Times

Credit unions can be a source of inspiration as well as financial services.

Multiple wars and escalating tensions abroad, riots and abuses of power at home combine this influx of negative recent events with the media’s unfortunate if it bleeds it leads perspective and something as simple as turning on the television or logging in to your favorite news website can be a real blow to the heart and head.

According to New York Magazine, this constant flood of negativity can en masse contribute to a jaded worldview and a sense of malaise about the future.

That’s a shame because the real fact of the matter is that there are 10 good news stories out there for every bad or sad one, we’re often just too preoccupied with the latter to notice them.

CUSP is a credit union-oriented publication, rather than one designed to be read by your members or the general public. It’s written by credit union people for credit union people, built on a foundation of real best practices from a specific industry.

Still, as a result of creating this publication, we know first hand what a wealth of good news stories credit unions are capable of producing every day.

In some ways, this issue itself serves as a celebration of current achievements and future possibilities. In Industry Performance we highlight multiple records smashed and a critical membership threshold nearly achieved, but it’s what credit unions are doing to get ahead of a new generation of need that really speaks most about the power of this industry.

Our Anatomy of Navy Army Community Credit Union takes us to the Texas Gulf Coast and a thriving cooperative that refuses to let lower than average paper grades, leadership transitions, or a steep learning curve in new demographic regions waylay it from delivering safe, cost-effective financial support where others said it couldn’t be done.

We’re also learning more and more that credit unions are not alone in their fight to provide something different and better than what’s been offered to their communities in the past. In Ideas In Action, we explore a whole host of socially conscious allies and operational offshoots that can help credit unions do more for small and local businesses than a traditional financial services model would allow.

In Technology@CU we profile numerous next-generation online and mobile strategies that aren’t just helping credit unions keep up with other industries but are proactively redefining all aspects of the user experience.

These aren’t just good news stories, they’re actionable insights designed to help you ramp up your own operation and become a more successful strategist in the battle for consumers’ attention.

Carefully study and consider these options, take action, and most importantly share your results with your members, your peers, your community, and the rest of the world.

Good news is out there, and you likely don’t have to look very far from your own four walls to find it.

October 13, 2014

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