Consumer Sentiments And Employee Insights From Second Quarter 2014

Comments from online review sites help credit unions refine their benefits strategy, enhance their operational policies, and create an outstanding service culture.


Full benefits from day one was something I’ve never heard a company offer. You have full access the day of orientation.

The benefits are great and so are the bonuses, like getting paid extra for passing the Spanish test and for working Saturdays.
Anonymous Employee,


If you can’t pay higher base wages than the competition, there are still numerous ways to distinguish yourself among job seekers. For example, select HR policies and benefits that show faith in your new hires, and offer existing employees scheduling or training incentives they can use to control their earnings.

For more best practices on incentives and salary, read Running A Tight Ship In South Texas.

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They wiped out all of my electronic records and cannot obtain them for me, so now I have no way to confirm what ALL of my medical deductions for 2012 will be … GREAT. Then they also wiped out my electronic monthly checking and savings statements. To get access to them I have to pay $1 a page.
David L,


If you want to be the caretaker of your members’ data and the benefactor of all the benefits it can provide, you have to be willing to give some things back, and reliable access is at the top of that list. Make a member work or, worse yet, pay to recover what they already view as theirs and you might not get a second chance to make the same mistake.


My wallet was stolen and they made me pay $10 to replace the card. Really, $10?
Jay L,

Update: Regarding the card fees, [the credit union] just contacted me, and let me know that replacement fees for the first incident are typically waived, as are other valid circumstances such as stolen cards (you have to provide a police report, a requirement that I think is legit).
Jay L,

We recently applied for a refinancing for our mortgage. We allow someone to keep horses at our main residence six months a year for a small rental fee. The underwriter classified the farm as a working farm and insisted we pay a higher interest rate for the loan. They would not define for us the criteria for a working farm.


Sure, there’s a written policy for everything somewhere. But do your employees have ready access to it? If not, they could be working from memory, the advice of others, or even their own assumptions. Consider investing in an online knowledge database so employees have accessible, reliable information. When appropriate, share that information with members to demonstrate consistency and transparency.


Last time I went to take my change in, the Coinstar machine was broken. The teller offered to keep my change for me to put through the system when it was fixed and she even personally called me to tell me how much was added into my account.
Julio T,

The bank official opening my account did allow me to have a look at [my TransUnion FICO score]. TransUnion charges me if I had gotten that score through them. So that alone saved me some money.
Donald D,


Excellent service is a powerful differentiator that requires little to no extra cost beyond what you already pay to run the operation. Encourage employees to use their hearts and minds as well as their training manuals to find news ways to impress members.

October 6, 2014

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