Embrace Culture Change And Use Technology To Build A Brand

Callahan’s leadership team weighs in on what’s happening around the industry.

A New Leadership Model

In addition to covering the many changes occurring in the credit union industry, Callahan & Associates has done some strategic reshuffling of its own in the past year. Instead of naming a single CEO, the senior management team operates in a partnership model. This means folks at every level have taken on new roles and responsibilities from leadership to sales, applications development to content production. It takes a team to run a business, that’s why the company calls itself One Callahan.

Our Take

Everyone must contribute when it comes to changing company culture. Throughout the Callahan restructuring process, we learned:

  • Our employees are our greatest assets and similarly wired co-workers will bring out the best in one another to establish a competitive workplace.
  • Task completion is not the same as quality. That’s why superiors must motivate their employees to go the extra mile even in high-stress environments.
  • No single change can fundamentally alter a culture. Managers must instill culture from the top down and hold employees accountable in supporting the company’s direction.

Jon Jeffreys, managing partner of Callahan & Associates, in Inject Attitude Into Your Platitudes

There’s An App For That, But Is There A Strategy?

New banking technologies launch every year, but it’s important to remember that no one channel ever fully supplants another. Yes, the personal computer is losing ground to the mobile phone and mobile applications, but traditional channels like branches and ATMs are alive and well, even though the strategies behind them are changing. Credit unions can’t stop at introducing modern channels, they also need modern channel strategies to extract the most value from every contact point while offering a consistent experience across platforms.

Our Take

Taglines and logos illustrate a brand, but it’s the experiences customers have with people and delivery channels including how those channels build on and support one another that most influences a company’s brand identity.

Take the ride-sharing service Uber, for example. On paper, it delivers the same thing as a taxi but the experience is entirely different.

A slick application with an intuitive interface lets users know how long it will take a driver to arrive, which means no more standing on the street corner trying to hail a cab. Uber carries the experience into the offline channel with a sleek car and amenities like bottled water, often for less than a taxi ride would have cost.

Alix Patterson, chief operating officer of Callahan & Associates, inGetting The Most From Your Digital Channels

How Can We Help?

Visit Callahan.com to learn more about the executive team, explore what opportunities Callahan has for your credit union, or request a Callahan presence at your next planning session or event.

October 6, 2014

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