Hire That Amazing Person

Sometimes the best candidates for an open position are right in front of you.

If you struggle to fill job vacancies, then consider this: Great job candidates are all around you. They are the people you see as you go about your everyday life.

The barista who not only remembers your order but also greets you by name every time you visit your local coffee shop? Maybe she’s your next teller. How about the college student who turns his skateboard around to help someone gather groceries that fell out of a broken bag? That willingness to help someone is probably what you want in your member services department. And then there’s the pet sitter who texts you photos of your dogs while you’re on vacation to let you know everything is A-OK at home. That kind of thoughtful, conscientious gesture is worthy of recognition.

Don’t just say thank you to these people; offer them a job!

In a way, that’s the philosophy that Gary Vien, the chief administration officer at Suncoast Credit Union ($5.77B, Tampa, FL), has put into practice with the You’re Amazing! card.



Although the card is a great way to show appreciation for someone’s efforts, it also functions as a recruiting tool. Suncoast employees carry the cards with them and hand them out to extraordinary people who deliver stellar service. If the individual is hired and makes it through an initial probationary period, the referring employee gets a cash bonus.

This is great for when you see people who take care of other people, who live some of the credit union principles, Vien says. We want to hire people with various skills and amazing abilities. If these individuals demonstrate those abilities naturally in their own environment, they have a high propensity to demonstrate them on the job.

In an age when social media is filled with rants about poor service and general inhumanity, amazing behavior stands out. It also represents an excellent opportunity to start a conversation with a person who might be your next colleague.

June 25, 2014

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