How has the total amount of shares outstanding and annual share growth changed over time?

Mark Reed

Credit unions nationwide had a total of $921.5 billion shares outstanding as of June 2013, an annual increase of 4.7% – or $41.1 billion from the amount reported in the previous June. The growth in total shares at credit unions is largely attributed to growth in core deposits regular shares, share drafts, and money market shares. Since June 2009, the total share balances have consistently increased at least by 4% annually. The highest 12-month share growth over the 5-year span was reported in June 2009 with 8.4% annual growth. In general, share growth has slowed down from the levels seen during the recession due to higher consumer confidence that has led to more members demanding for loans. For the first time in five years, loan growth outpaced share growth at credit unions, which resulted in an increase in the loan-to-share ratio. The industry reported 67.4% in loan-to-share-ratio as of June 2013, up from 66.9% a year ago.

Data as of June 30, 2013 for All Credit Unions in the U.S.
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October 30, 2013

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