How has total outstanding credit card balance changed over time?


As economy recovers and consumer confidence rises, members are spending more with their credit cards. As of June 2013, credit unions nationwide had a total of $40.0 billion in credit card loans on their book, a 7.2% annual increase from $37.3 billion reported in the previous June. This growth is the largest growth ever posted by the industry since the recession.

Total credit card balances at credit unions have more than doubled from the amount reported 10 years ago, which was less than $20 billion. $40.0 billion of credit card loans outstanding at credit unions represent 5.6% of total credit card loans outstanding in the country. This is up one full percentage point from the market share rate in June 2012 at 4.6%. Total credit card balance at credit unions has been trending up for the past 10 years, and credit unions are gaining more market shares in credit card lending as they offer more favorable rates than bank do. 

Data as of June 30, 2013 For All Credit Unions 
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Sept. 26, 2013



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