Introducing The Callahan Analytics Support Site

Callahan & Associates has launched a new way to help clients get the data they need, when they need it.

Clients of Callahan Associates have a new way of making sure they are getting the most from their Callahan analytical tools.

Introducing: The Callahan Analytics Support Site, a support hub for users of Callahan’s suite of analytics software.

The support site allows users to:

  1. Watch how-to videos.
  2. Access data FAQs.
  3. Sign up for trainings.
  4. Connect with Callahan analysts and analytics users via a support forum.
  5. Contact support personnel at Callahan Associates.

Callahan software clients can access the Callahan Analytics Support Site from their Client Portal using their Callahan software credentials.

Software-Specific Knowledge Bases

Once on the support site, users can search for topics using key words or jump directly into software-specific Knowledge Bases.

What’s a knowledge base? Your jumping-off point for all resources related to a given software product.

Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Base

Getting Started? Need A Refresher?

For uses who aren’t sure where to start or who need a refresher on what they can do with Callahan analytical software, the site’s How-To and New Users sections offer everything from a getting started guide and an overview of formulas to Tips Tricks and step-by-step guidance for peer group analysis.


And for users who aren’t sure what perks comes with their companywide Callahan relationship, there’s the Introdution to Membership and Leadership page a review of all the bells and whistles that come with being a Callahan client.

To determine which platform offers the biggest bang for individual roles, the support site’s role-specific analysis section provides insights for finance, HR, lending, and marketing professionals.

All Your Needs, One Support Site

The Callahan Analytics Support Site put clients at the front and center of their user experience. To that end, the site makes it easy to find information about how to:

  • Sign up for live online training sessions.
  • Attend upcoming training bootcamps.
  • Request analyst hours (Leadership clients).
  • Register for topical webinars (Leadership clients).

Callahan offers these support options in addition to dedicated phone and email support. Clients can always email the Callahan Analytics team directly from the support site (expect a 24-hour turnaround time) or use the live chat function within Peer-to-Peer.

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If you’re not a Callahan client, access to a full, easy-to-use suite of analytical tools supported by a company that specializes in credit unions is only one of the many things you’re missing out on. We’ve also got an arsenal full of action-oriented case studies, webinars that feature best practices developed by credit unions, and more. If you want to better serve your clients, you want to be a Callahan credit union.

September 20, 2016

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