Which state has the highest credit card penetration rate in the second quarter?


Credit card penetration measures the percent of members having credit card loans at the credit union. According to Callahan & Associates FirstLook data, the industry average for credit card penetration in the second quarter of 2013 stood at 15.42%, up 54 basis points from last year. While both number of credit card loan accounts and membership increased nationally, the 12-months growth in credit card loan accounts (6.60%) outpaced that of members (2.92%). Only 6 states saw a decrease in credit card penetration from last year.

Credit unions in Virginia reported 29.09% in credit card penetration on average as of June 2013, which was the highest rate of all states. This was up 34 basis points from the same quarter a year ago. District of Columbia ranked the second with 23.71% credit card penetration rate, up 47 basis points from the previous year. Credit unions in Washington rounded out the top three with 21.33%. 

Data as of June 30, 2013 for All Credit Unions in the U.S.
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