Which state leads the nation in average member relationship as of third quarter?


Average member relationship measures the extent to which members have financial relationship with the credit unions. It is calculated by taking the sum of total loans and shares minus member business loans, divided by the number of members at the credit union. Callahan & Associates third quarter First Look data says the credit unions nationwide posted a 2.7% annual increase in average member relationship to reach $15,635 as of September 2013. Every state except Hawaii saw a 12-month increase in average member relationship.

Among all states, District of Columbia led the way in average member relationship as of third quarter 2013. Average member relationship at credit unions in District of Columbia as of September stood at $27,429, up from $26,741 reported a year ago. Rhode Island was another state with average member relationship over $20,000 as of third quarter. Its total 342,687 members at Rhode Island-based credit unions, on average, had an average member relationship of $21,112 as of September 2013, up 3.0% from the September 2012 level. The highest annual growth in average member relationship was seen in Iowa, where member relationship average jumped 7.8% from $15,691 to $16,908 over the past year.

leaders in average member relationship
Data As of September 30, 2013 for All Credit Unions in the U.S.
Callahan & Associates | www.creditunions.com

Source: Callahan & Associates Peer-to-Peer Analytics

November 13, 2013

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