Jan. 26, 2015


  • Fun!
  • Thanks for your comment. It was fun to write. And I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm an Ohio State/Cleveland Browns fan transplanted to South Carolina where I'm also now loyal to the Gamecocks and Panthers. I just hope the game's competitive.
    Marc Rapport
  • I'm glad the past predictions have proven poor. A few points: Lower ROA and Net Interest Margin could be indicators of offering better rates/fees to members! Those data points should be automatically reviewed (no challenge flag needed) and the call reversed. The higher delinquency ratio (especially when it is already below 1%) indicates that Seattle’s lending standards may be too tight and they are not serving members who need access to credit. You have to work with your members and offer the right products and terms to get them to their goal line. Creative thinking and rearrangement of linesman and eligible receivers can help. Finally, it’s not clear from the article, but New England and Boston are not the same entity. There's Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and the rest of Mass. Many of those states have a very strong tradition of success including the very first credit union!
    Go Pats!
  • Thank you for your observations. They added to our understanding of the data.
    Marc Rapport
  • All that, and the Legion of BOOM, baby! Go Hawks :)
    Robyn Higdon
  • Thanks, Robyn! Will your Seahawks be able to play so well when it's not raining? ;-)
    Marc Rapport