Coops4Change Provides The Means, You Provide The Message now features an online survey inviting credit union executives to share their perspectives on NCUA examinations and regulatory priorities.


How does your average member prefer to interact with the credit union? Do online surveys gain more traction than calls from your MSRs or physical mailings? As members of the credit union industry, how do we ensure that we provide the right platform for members and peers to shape their views and share their voices? now features an online survey inviting credit union executives to share their perspectives on NCUA examinations and regulatory priorities. Specifically, the survey will provide insight for areas of policy review and how NCUA’s examination process can better serve the industry

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As some of you might have heard, The Co-Ops For Change Movement launched in late February 2013. This grassroots movement is intended to increase awareness both within the credit union community and among elected policymakers that our regulatory leadership should understand and support the cooperative principles. In just one month, Co-Ops for Change began building awareness of a new vision for regulatory leadership collecting nearly 6,000 petition signatures on the White House Petition calling for regulatory leaders who support the cooperative business model.

During the course of the petition campaign,an unforeseen issue rose to the forefront: a surprising number of credit unions don’t have a mechanism in place to quickly activate member support. Others don’t have standing authority to select and approve messages that advance cooperative principles. This situation is at odds with the extremely strong need for credit unions to educate – and mobilize – members, helping them find their voices on issues of common concern and interest.

As a result of these findings, the mission of the Co-Ops 4 Change Movement has evolved and is now expanding into Phase II: Raising Our Voice.

The website has been re-launched on a robust new platform. This interactive website is intended to serve as a resource for credit unions and their members to discuss the 7 Cooperative Principles gain inspiration from examples of these principles in action, and share their vision for the future of the industry in an easy-to-use environment without official attachments to any credit union or regulatory body.

Anyone who wishes to join in the conversation is welcome to submit a blog or comment on the site. Supporters who missed the petition the first time or found the White House Petition process too cumbersome are welcome to sign the petition on (This petition is private and in no way linked to The White House.)

The true lesson of this movement is that everyone has the right to “raise their voice.” However, the method is entirely up to the individual. Is it easier to sign a petition than submit a blog? Would you rather share your views through commenting instead of taking a survey? The method is entirely up to the individual, but it’s the duty of a cooperative to provide the means.


April 30, 2013



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