CBS MoneyWatch on Your Bank: ‘Dump That Sucker!’

Consumers find a happier, healthier relationship in credit unions.



Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch convinces consumers to call it quits with their banks in an April 26 segment entitled “Hate Your Bank?  Dump That Sucker For a Credit Union!”

“Are you stick and tired of the shenanigans?” asks Schlesinger.  “Don’t want to play the games anymore?  Then break up with your bank and join a credit union.”

The video is highlighted by ex-Washington Mutual customer Seth Rosenblatt, who made the decision to up and leave the bank upon its 2008 collapse for a credit union.  Rosenblatt’s outrage mirrors that of many consumers disheartened by big banks’ mischief.  “I was really upset about what had been happening with the banks—the subprime mortgage scandal,” he explains.  “I didn’t like the thought of my money contributing to any of that.”

Schlesinger touches on the benefits of credit union membership, including their cooperative nature, and compares the average rates of new car loans—4.82% at credit unions and 6.08% at banks. 

A brief statement by Patelco’s Nate Burns sums up credit unions’ case for consumer affection.  “We pay attention to the member—the member’s needs.  You’re not just a number.”

For those bank customers who have simply had enough, Schlesinger concludes, credit unions offer a “viable alternative.”


May 11, 2010


  • I have been a member of my credit union for sometime (at least 30 years) and have been more than pleased with my membership with them. If I have a question or need info,their representative has always been professional and helpful. Their

    newsletter is informative and keeps their members up to date, on a monthly basis, of the changes that

    are happening. It's all good.