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P2P Payments

By Callahan & Associates | Feb. 21, 2005

The U.S. financial services industry is standing at an IT crossroads-one that will greatly impact its ability to grow its business, satisfy customers, manage risk and cope with an increasingly challenging regulatory landscape.

By Scott Trubisz | Jan. 17, 2005

Credit unions of all sizes have realized the benefits of offering online Account-to-Account Transfers, including increased incoming funds, greater member loyalty, and reduced staffing demands.

By Scott Trubisz | Oct. 18, 2004

Credit unions and banks offering Account-to-Account (A2A) transfers on their websites have experienced an increase in balances and member retention.


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By Joe James | July 21, 2003

Account to Account transfers (A2A) is emerging as a priority in more and more credit unions because it is an offering designed to strategically position the credit union as the central account in the e-member's diverse FSP relationships. Before adding A2A to your portfolio of services though, there are a variety of issues that you should consider. In a recent Callahan & Associates Webinar exploring the operational aspects of A2A, Kelli Schultz, Vice President of Information Technology at iPay, detailed some of the primary considerations a credit union should explore before implementation. These include: