10 Great Articles No One Read In 2016

Overlooked editorial gems provide insight and inspiration for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in 2017.

Throughout the year, credit unions from around the nation share their successes and challenges with Callahan & Associates. In turn, Callahan shares lessons and tips with the industry in the hopes its leaders can learn from one another. Unfortunately, not all the great content that appears on CreditUnions.com attracts the same attention.

That’s why, as the year comes to a close, the writing team at Callahan has consulted the oracle that is Google Analytics. The team dug deep to discover which topics garnered the most reader interest the subjects were as diverse as digital onboarding, indirect lending, non-interest income,member service, regulator overreach, and credit union personalities and which articles deserved a second chance to make a first impression.

This top 10 list offers a glimpse at the most under-read articles on CreditUnions.com. They include actionable insights and maybe even a bit of inspiration.

Happy holidays!

No. 10:How A Baton Rouge Credit Union Serves The Underserved

The nuts and bolts behind LA Capitol FCU’s strategy to serve all members across its seven markets.

No. 9:Credit Insurance Underpins NII At Commonwealth Credit Union

This Kentucky credit union boosts non-interest income while serving the common good of the commonwealth.

No. 8:Make A Wish, Buy A Home

How TruWest Credit Union leverages FHLB grants to put members into affordable homes.

No. 7:Department Re-Org Supports Proficiency Across 5 Business Lines

How Interra Credit Union built internal proficiencies by reorganizing its lending operation into five specialized business lines.

No. 6:A Strategy To Borrow Responsibly And Save Sensibly

How Freedom First Credit Union uses its microloan program to help low-income members get past rough spots while building credit and a nest egg.

No. 5:The Window Remains Open For Digital Onboarding

There’s much opportunity in the mobile channel for onboarding members and taking account and loan applications. Omnichannel integration is the secret sauce for lowering digital account abandonment rates.

No. 4:How To Outsource Credit Union Core Processing

Xceed Financial Credit Union looked inside before committing to outsourcing its core processing system.

No. 3:Eric Givens On Leadership

The digital banking guru at Arizona Federal Credit Union has learned a thing or two during his career as a radio DJ, morally conflicted sub-prime auto lender, credit union risk management specialist, and more.

No. 2:In The Year 2025

Predictions from the futurists at Filene. Bye bye, ATMs, hello collaborative, collective consumption.

No. 1:It’s Good To Be A Credit Union

Callahan managing partner Jon Jeffreys offers insight from a credit union that decided to stake its future on hiring a new leader based on mission, not credit union experience.

January 4, 2017

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