2014 Economic Outlook

Credit unions shed light on challenges and opportunities in their respective regions.


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Eight times a year, the Federal Reserve reports on the economic conditions of its 12 districts using feedback from business owners, economists, market experts, and more. Three years ago, Callahan Associates launched its own version of the Fed’s Beige Book and surveyed credit unions executives to get a sense for what was happening on the ground in communities all across the United States.

For Callahan’s 2014 Economic Outlook, dozens of credit unions representing a range of assets, charters, and business models provided feedback on their local market conditions and expectations for 2014. Answers ran the gamut from enthusiastically optimistic to cautiously reserved. Click on the regions above to read all the responses from the 2014 Economic Outlook survey in their entirety. You’ll notice a few key themes:

  • The economy is improving, especially in regard to home prices.
  • Consumer confidence is improving.
  • The auto portfolio is expected to once again drive loan growth.
  • Government interference new regulations, Obamacare, etc. is stifling growth.
  • The employment market is tightening and top talent can demand top dollar.
  • Increased competition for loans is putting the squeeze on yields.

Thank you to all who participated. This is a favorite feature among the Callahan staff, as it allows us to see the industry and the broader economy through the eyes of those we serve.

* Answers have been edited for readability.
April 14, 2014

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