A Fresh Take On Credit Union Leadership

Five CEOs reflect on how they developed a vision for their credit union, assembled a team with the talent and respect to move the staff forward, applied limited resources to strategic goals, and made the best of the circumstances they faced.

CEOs who have taken the helm within the past 18 months have been met with a mixed blessing. The economy is recovering but fragile; unemployment is high; consumer confidence is tepid; laws and regulations are in flux.

But even a fragile recovery is better than the slide and drama of 2008-2010, and credit unions have managed to consistently attract positive press attention and turn banks consumers into cooperative members. The five new CEOs highlighted on the following pages from California, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Virginia have faced all the normal CEO pressures, from how to boost the bottom line to how to grow membership. But they’ve had to overcome these obstacles while establishing their own management styles, developing working relationships with their boards, and facing strategic plans they did not create. Here they discuss the challenges faced by new leaders and how they plan to tackle them as they move their credit unions forward.

June 6, 2014

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