Best Of 2012: Member Experience

There’s no such thing as a typical member anymore. In 2012, investigated how best to serve current members, account for new ones and keep staff happy.

Longtime members expect more from credit unions. New members, lured by tales of the cooperative spirit and the desire to get away from big banks, deserve to realize the difference between belonging to a credit union vs. being a line item at a big bank.

  1. Gen Y’s Financial Needs Are Maturing
  2. Pick Up the Pace With Member Onboarding
  3. Member Relationships Are Crucial
  4. Manage Fatter, Not Flatter
  5. Sheep Stealing: Wooing Customers
  6. Develop A Financially Literate Staff
  7. Motivate Employees With Rewards
  8. Invest In Employees To Invest In Members
  9. Keys To Successful Restructuring
  10. A Pro-Consumer Movement
May 6, 2014

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