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Bridging Online And Mobile Banking

To ensure a superior member experience, credit unions must consider a converged multi-channel strategy.

Members today want the convenience of interfacing with their credit union through multiple channels, on their terms, and based on their unique needs and preferences. These changes in behavior are driving more credit unions to transition traditional, branch-oriented experiences over to the high-tech, always-on world of Internet and mobile banking.

By more seamlessly combining a rich, device-aware experience with the benefits of real-time access to information, your institution can finally deliver on the promise of a consistent, safe, and reliable alternative to traditional branch and in-person interactions.

Delivering mobile, tablet, and online solutions enables members to quickly and conveniently perform primary banking functions whenever and wherever they need. This not only enhances user experience but also allows staff to more effectively address potential service issues and spend more time on meaningful interactions such as new account openings and loan generation.

Any institution is capable of providing a superior, multichannel member experience. However, doing so requires proactively cultivating the individual strengths of each of these channels, while also forming an in-depth understanding of how they should feed into and support one another.

The Uniqueness Of A Channel, The Consistency Of A Brand

As members begin to use a wider range of options to interact with the credit union, it is important that you deliver a consistent and safe experience across all channels. As an example, online, mobile, tablet, and voice systems should all have a uniform login and authentication experience. This provides convenience and a better experience for your members because they don’t have to remember different login procedures. It also typically reduces the number of account login failures, thereby decreasing call center traffic.

At the same time, you must also pay attention to and celebrate the differences between these channels. For example, members today are passionate about their mobile devices and the operating systems that power them. This means that a credit union’s banking app should behave natively to, and take full advantage of, the operating systems for which it was designed.

Likewise, any technology providers utilized should ensure they too are delivering a mobile experience with design attributes tailored to your members’ platforms of choice, be it Windows, Apple, or Android.For example, D+H has developed and delivered a Windows app that uses tiles and navigation gestures to more fully leverage the interactivity of these phones.

As digital demands continue to change, credit unions that choose to deploy poorly designed apps or other solutions that do not hold up to the more polished virtual experiences consumers find elsewhere will ultimately lose members as a result.

By more seamlessly combining a rich, device-aware experience with the benefits of real-time access to information, your institution can finally deliver on the promise of a consistent, safe, and reliable alternative to traditional branch and in-person interactions.

Don’t Go It Alone

Credit unions that continue to operate using in-house online and mobile banking applications are leaving themselves exposed to unwarranted risk. To sharpen their competitive edge and manage an effective digital banking strategy, modern credit unions need to consider a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model.

A carefully-vetted SaaS partner will possess the financial resources and staff to successfully operate and maintain a world-class data center, the security to stand up to external audits and regulatory examinations, and the technical expertise to actively minimize the risk of hostile threats including viruses, phishing, account takeover, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

By partnering with a leading provider like D+H, you can rest assured these crucial digital channels are operating at optimal levels, allowing you to offer an exceptional level of service and deliver on the promise of a great member experience.

About The Author
With more than 25 years of experience as a banker and 10 years in the banking software industry, Tom Berdan uses his industry expertise to serve as vice president of market development for D+H where he manages industry research and outreach. Prior to his current role, Tom served as vice president of product management where he oversaw D+H product roadmaps, including core systems, branch automation, self-service, and business intelligence. He can be reached at tom.berdan@dh.com.

About D+H
D+H is a leading provider of secure and reliable technology solutions to domestic and global financial institutions, with a reputation for being a trusted partner that helps credit unions build deeper, more profitable relationships with their members based on rich industry and market insight, and consumer knowledge. Learn more at www.dh.com.

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July 7, 2014

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