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Get Your Tellers In The Game

Front-line staff should be supported with advanced sales tools and service information.

Tellers have more personal contact with members than any other job function and many credit unions believe in harnessing that face-time as part of an integrated sales and service strategy.Security Service Federal Credit Union ($6.7B, San Antonio, Texas) is one such example.

The credit union was looking to empower front lines employees to take ownership of sales, but found they were being held back by the limitations of its teller interface.After weighing its options, the credit union decided it needed to work with a vendor partner and develop capabilities for real-time access to the key information tellersneed, while also swiftly capturing opportunities to expand member relationships.

In June 2010, SSFCU rolled out its new desktop solution, branded Quick Connect, to better empower tellers in the areas of sales,service, and relationship management.During the development process, the credit union identified several features and best practices that should be addressed by credit unions seeking to achieve similar goals.

For example, a best of breed teller interface should fully integrate the workspace screen and other Microsoft and Web applications to create a single, consolidated view of all pertinent member data. For SSFCU, this included information aggregated from12 different account and loans screens that would need to be available with a single log on as well as one click access to external websites.

In providing these quick capabilities, SSFCU gave tellers the ability to immediately answer up to 80% of the questions they receive in a typical day. Another priority was making sure that any inquiries that tellers can’t address would be effortlesslyrouted to member service representatives or other appropriate staff for follow-up and resolution.

An ideal strategy should also include a way for tellers to capture sales opportunities on the spot. Now at SSFCU, when a member approaches, the teller identifies them to the system and it automatically pulls up a single, integrated desktop view of thewhole member relationship. Quick Connect’s graphical user interface contains the member’s profile, which is updated in real-time from their Fidelity core system, account alerts, sales and marketing messages, active referrals, and referral history, along with quick access to other data sources. By providing this type of data at employee’s fingertips, the credit union is equipping tellers to present offers within the flow of member service.

If your member does accept an offer, a good interface should also enable the teller to open a referral. Given the advanced enterprise workflow capabilities currently available, a good solution will know, based on product, service center location, andthe member profile, exactly where to route that referral, from the member service representative to a back office mortgage or investment department. Supported by a stronger teller interface,SSFCU’s service centers are currently capturing an average of 40 referrals a week.

The system has expedited transaction processing and simplified operational procedures, but has also allowed our tellers to naturally engage in service-based selling, said Starlene Ashley, assistant vice president of member service.

Our tellers love the Quick Connect solution because it automatically notifies them of sales opportunities within each member profile. The system allows them to stay up-to-date on their individual sales performance, and track referrals in real-time fromthe moment they are opened, until they come to a successful close.

Engaging tellers as key players in SSFCU’s sales, service, and relationship management strategy has also been a win for members, who receive exceptional service and are presented with intelligent, relevant offers that can help them to better meettheir financial goals.

Through this integrated approach, enabled by the KIVA Respect unified Teller solution, the credit union has been able to capture new business and build greater institutional valuefor its members. Consider taking a page from SSFCU’s play book, and get your tellers in the game.

Mike Baker is the founder and president of KIVA Group, Inc. KIVA is a global provider of member interaction and experience management software. The Company’s CRM/CEM, unified sales and service and unified delivery channel solutions help credit unions to create a consistent, personalized experience for memberswith every interaction.

This article is sponsored by a recognized solutions provider in the credit union industry. Callahan & Associates does not endorse vendors or the solutions they offer, and the views and opinions offered here might not reflect those of Callahan. If you are interested in contributing an article on CreditUnions.com, please contact the Callahan team at ads@creditunions.com or 1-800-446-7453.
May 27, 2014

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