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2013 Beige Book Responses

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region-8Kathy McKinnon, President/CEO
SIUE Credit Union ($18M, Edwardsville, IL)

The SIUE Credit Union is an $18 million SEG-based credit union located in Edwardsville, IL. We serve two large educational groups, SIUE and Edwardsville School District, and several small other junior colleges. All groups are currently experiencing steady employment, no layoffs and are seeing increasing number of enrollments of students. Our SEGs keep us growing and thriving financially. Our major challenges are paying the TCCUSF premium and all the regulatory changes that have been imposed in the last three years.

Gary Allen, Branch Manager
Statewide Federal Credit Union ($92M, Starkville, MS)

We continue to see a surge in refinances in the mortgage market carried over from last year. With rates being as low as they are, I believe we will see more homes purchased in 2013. Auto demand is still somewhat sluggish here. I have seen improvements but a lot of the financing is going to the auto manufacturers.

Ray Springsteen, Executive Vice President
Fort Knox Federal CU ($1.1B, Radcliff, KY)

The last six months of 2012 were extremely good for auto lending in central Kentucky. This trend has continued into January 2013. We expect 2013 to be the best auto loan year since 2007. Similar to auto, commercial loan business has been strong. While commercial lending is a small portion of our overall loan portfolio, we have been given more opportunities to select the right loan business for the credit union as community banks in our market have stepped out of this business. Overall, we are very optimistic about lending in 2013.

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June 5, 2014

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