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Satisfaction Increases With Self-Service Coin Counters

Survey data demonstrates a lasting impact on member attitudes and preferences.

Credit unions large and small must continually look for new ways to generate revenu, particularly in a difficult economyAt the same time, credit union members are looking for ways to stretch their earnings. Expanded options for cashing in may be prompting coin-saving members to redeem rainy daycaches of loose change more frequently than in the past.

Through a careful analysis of member behaviors, attitudes, experiences, and preferences with regard to coin redemption, a recent study clearly establishes the value of self-service coin counters. Eighty percent of users surveyed by BranMark Strategy Groupsay they would switch from a teller to a self-service coin machine if the option was available, and that their satisfaction would measurably increase as a result.

Customer Satisfaction Averages 10-20% Increase

Customer satisfaction has, in fact, increased for individuals whose financial institution employs a self-service coin machine, according to the survey. Respondents who switched from a fee-for-service machine or from wrapped and loose coins brought toa teller rated their overall satisfaction an average of one to two full points higher on a scale of 1 to 10 an increase of 10 to 20%. In addition, 67% of consumers who currently redeem coins at a retail location said if their financial institutioninstalled a no-fee, self-service coin redemption option, they would change their rating to 10 for extremely satisfied This reinforces the message that self-service solutions are in fact relevant to customers.

The secure feeling members associate with their credit union contributes to their desire to process their coins using a self-service option in that environment. Other reasons cited for thispreference include:

  • Friendly, responsive staff
  • Feelings of greater accountability imparted by business ownership of the coin counting machine
  • Improved experience with higher quality counting machines
  • Enjoy watching coins being counted
  • Self-service machines are faster
  • Avoid counting and wrapping coins
  • No lines while holding heavy coin containers
  • No holding up other customers who are waiting in line

Empowerment Provides Opportunity For Engagement

Self-service machines empower members to process coins themselves, while creating opportunities for face-to-face engagement, cross-selling, and prospecting new accounts. BranMark found that 40% of savers redeemed their coins two to three times per yearand 60% of those that used a self-service coin counter made a special trip to the financial institution for that purpose. That uptick in foot traffic allows credit unions to apply a more effective marketing strategy as well as improve overall customersatisfaction ratings.

For the full report, including the potential for converting members to a self-service coin option, download the white paper from Cummins Allison. As the number one providerof high-speed coin processing equipment, Cummins Allison gives customers tremendous value and unmatched performance, including coin counters which are preferred over a leading competitor by 100% of focus group participants in hands-on comparisons.

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March 25, 2014

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