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Why And When To Outsource Mortgage Lending

With the ever-changing compliance environment, credit unions need to ask themselves if it’s time to outsource the back-office operations of mortgage lending to a CUSO?

In an ever-changing mortgage environment there is an increasing need among credit unions: the need to outsource parts of the mortgage lending process. With each passing year, regulations on mortgage lending become more stringent and it’s quickly becoming the headache of credit union operations.

There is no denying the largest benefit of offering in-house mortgage lending is that it’s in-house. Right there, on the premises, where the members are. However, it begs the question: Is proximity reason enough to bear the expense? And should a credit union be handling all aspects of mortgage lending? As the refinance boom ends and credit unions fight for every purchase loan, the answer is often an emphatic no.

Offering in-house mortgage lending is a seemingly profitable and convenient service, but when it’s stacked up against the hefty, and rising, costs of registered staff, yearly fees, and the cost of compliance and regulations, you might be surprised who’s coming up short.

One of the most uncomfortable elements of mortgage lending for credit unions is the sometimes violently unsteady volume the market creates. Dealing with the incredible highs and the devastating lows can be complicated not only from a compliance standpoint but also from a staffing angle. Low volumes coupled with high compliance costs are often a recipe for disaster and a stark reality. Also, declining loan volume with the same staff will drive up the cost to originate each loan. On the other hand, when volumes are at a high point, credit unions might not have the staff or resources to meet member loan demand.

Another probable nightmare for in-house mortgage lending is managing compliance. It’s no surprise that credit unions already outsource certain aspects of the process, such as disclosure and regulatory documents. But with the new CFPB regulations, especially those around the ability-to-repay rule and qualified mortgages, credit unions need options with the necessary expertise.

When considering outsourcing mortgage lending, choose an organization that:

  • Allows the credit union to focus on engaging and servicing the member (through application);
  • Handles all of the compliance regulations of federal, state, and local laws;
  • Ensures there is always an adequate amount of staff to manage the market; and
  • Specializes in mortgage lending.

Enter mortgage lending by credit union-owned CUSOs. It seems straightforward, but there are a significant number of credit unions that outsource their mortgage lending to banks or hand their members to a local mortgage broker, potentially giving way to the core values of credit unions and potentially opening their members to bank cross-sales.

myCUmortgage believes credit unions are the best source to help Americans with home ownership, and for more than 10 years, our processes and programs have been built around helping credit unions accomplish this. With nearly 190 credit union partners across the country, myCUmortgage keeps your credit union in front of the members, and we operate in the background. We’re re-designing the mortgage experience with COOPORTUNITY the combination of transparency and true collaboration.


Tim Mislansky is President of myCUmortgage and Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer for Wright-Patt Credit Union. He sits on the ACUMA Board of Directors, is a member of the Accenture Mortgage Cadence Advisory Council, and serves on the Dayton Ohio Habitat for Humanity Board. Tim has 20 years of credit union experience. He can be reached at (877) 630-3399.


For more information, visit mycooportunity.com or sign up to follow Tim’s blog at www.mortgagesarememberlicious.com


This article originally ran on CreditUnions.com on April 7, 2014.
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December 22, 2014

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