Financial Performance


By Aman Johal | April 27, 2020

Through 2019, traditional retail delivery continued to develop as credit unions increased branch and employee counts. In 2020, as the novel coronavirus begins to impact operational strategies, credit unions may shift focus to remote support networks in an effort to offer sustained member value.

By E.C. Harrison | April 13, 2020

Credit unions are optimizing work environments, integrating key systems, ensuring business continuity and cybersecurity, and adapting culture to new ways of working.

By Marc Rapport | March 23, 2020

Callahan staffers offer tips and advice being a worker-in-residence.


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By Maya Neuman | Sept. 6, 2019

New takes on service delivery at U.S. credit unions increase operational efficiencies and attract new members.

By Sam Taft | Aug. 26, 2019

Incorporating peer analysis is an ideal way to enhance the impact of planning season.

By Samantha Cristobal | May 13, 2019

Loan origination growth outpaced employee growth, pushing originations per employee $16,000 higher than one year ago.

By Maya Neuman | March 11, 2019

U.S. credit unions reported a 169-basis-point decline in the efficiency ratio year-over-year. And that’s a good thing.

By Marc Rapport | Jan. 21, 2019

The Massachusetts credit union is working across the enterprise and with other credit unions to make the most of data visualization software.

By Samantha Cristobal | Dec. 10, 2018

Credit unions covered their operating expenses with net interest income alone for the first time in seven years.

By Liz Furman | May 7, 2018

Credit unions headquartered in the Central Region reported more loan accounts per members than those headquartered in other states. In what other areas did these cooperatives excel?

By Callahan & Associates | March 9, 2018

Join Callahan & Associates for a discussion about the overall impact of the credit union movement.

By Maya Neuman | Dec. 25, 2017

Credit unions add more than 10,000 employees.

By Rebecca Wessler | Dec. 25, 2017

Five can’t-miss data points this week on

By Rebecca Wessler | Dec. 18, 2017

Five can’t-miss data points this week on

By Liz Furman | Dec. 18, 2017

These ratios help credit unions deliver excellent member value while also maintaining productive and efficient operations. Operational strategy impacts productivity and efficiency metrics. It’s important for credit unions to strike the right balance for their strategy while bearing in mind national averages.

By Maya Neuman | June 19, 2017

Credit unions add technology and jobs amid the move to universal tellers, ITMs, and the new branch design.

By Rebecca Wessler | June 19, 2017

Five can't-miss data points featured this week on

By Marc Rapport | Nov. 28, 2016

The Memphis credit union has improved retention, electronic services, and accounts per household by delivering the right messages to the right members.

By Marc Rapport | July 4, 2016

New employer group strategies and a focus on financial wellness have helped KCT get back to basics and sparked a sharp recovery at the suburban Chicago credit union.

By Stephanie Clark | June 13, 2016

What metrics should human resource professionals use to measure employee and credit union performance?

By Erik Payne | May 23, 2016

Purdue’s PFED Producers originated millions of dollars to SEG members in 2015 and tells how other credit unions can, too.

By Callahan & Associates | May 1, 2016

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Liz Furman | April 11, 2016

Spring is an excellent time to assess efficiency and clean up clutter to make way for new products and measures.

By Callahan & Associates | March 4, 2016

A monthly collection of Callahan content that, together, addresses a single topic from a variety of perspectives.

By Sam Taft | Feb. 29, 2016

At which credit unions did employees post the highest gains in fourth quarter 2015? Find out in this leader table.

By SWBC | Dec. 7, 2015

Here are some time-tested ways to research, communicate, and “close the sale” that works for the debtor and the credit union.

By Marc Rapport | Aug. 1, 2015

The ANATOMY series is a quarterly, multi-feature profile that explores the strategies and analyzes the performance of an exemplary credit union.

By Aaron Pugh | July 20, 2015

A broad contribution scope, standardized rewards, and sales-averse employee strategies have paid dividends for these Western credit unions.

By Callahan & Associates | June 29, 2015

A break down of the industry’s financial performance and impact in 1Q 2015.

By CO-OP Financial Services | Feb. 23, 2015

A change of scenery can do you — and your organization — plenty of good. Here’s why quality time out of the office pays off.

By Erik Payne | Feb. 9, 2015

Member One FCU offers three lessons gleaned from six years of operating a process improvement team.

By Erik Payne | Feb. 9, 2015

Patelco Credit Union reduced its controllable expenses by 10% and shares ways other credit unions can, too.

By Aaron Pugh | Feb. 9, 2015

These two mid-sized credit unions hold their own in terms of employee productivity and efficiency, even when compared to larger peers.

By Rebecca Wessler | Feb. 9, 2015

This week, takes a deeper dive into two complementary, yet often misused, concepts that underpin credit union success — productivity and efficiency.

By Andrew Bolton | Feb. 8, 2015

This cheat sheet offers a visual breakdown of the meaning behind two often-confused metrics.

By SWBC | Feb. 2, 2015

Borrowers will pay fees for the ability to make a payment online or over the phone. The bottom line: convenient payment options are no longer optional.

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 22, 2015

Employees have numerous reasons for jumping ship. Here’s how to mitigate those grievances.

By Erik Payne | Dec. 22, 2014

These nine strategies and takeaways from non-traditional competitors offer inspiration for 2015.

By CompuSource Systems, Inc. | Dec. 2, 2014

A solid partnership with a core processor who gets it is key to making things happen and achieving the credit union promise for members.

By Aaron Pugh | Nov. 24, 2014

The line between fun and meaningful is a moving target, but these two credit unions have some golden rules that help them hit the bull’s-eye every time.

By Leigh Anne Terry | Aug. 11, 2014

Mobility. Convenience. Exclusivity. By drilling down on these shopping concepts, entrepreneurs and new business leaders are reaching out to the public in ways that traditional retailers cannot.

By Drew Grossman | July 24, 2014

Business speak has its place, but be careful not to bog down your boardroom with unnecessary MBA (meaningless businessy adjectives).

By Aaron Pugh | July 21, 2014

How Langley FCU encourages communication and collaboration between departments to create shared, trackable definitions of success.

By Janet Lee | July 7, 2014

Industry data reveals increased staffing numbers as well as evidence of enhanced employee roles and responsibilities among the nation's credit unions.

By Janet Lee | April 14, 2014

Credit union executives need to know what questions to ask in different situations and understand the pros and cons of various ratios to best analyze the balance sheet.

By Erik Payne | March 17, 2014

Allegacy’s holistic view on wellness embraces the link between financial health and physical health. After all, smart financial decisions lead to less stress and, thus, healthier employees.

By Drew Grossman | March 17, 2014

How MECU doubled its assets while holding staffing expenses steady.

By Sharon Simpson | March 17, 2014

How Community First Credit Union of Florida took advantage of opportunities in its external market as well as within its own four walls.

By Rebecca Wessler | March 17, 2014

Credit unions across the industry have deployed various tactics to achieve their desired earnings during the economic downturn, and this week is dedicated to highlighting the approaches that will work in good times as well as bad.

Workplace 2.0

By Leigh Anne Terry | Jan. 13, 2014

We highlight the good (gym), the bad (traffic), and the just plain ugly (flu season) realities of the modern workplace so credit unions can build a better alternative for their employees.

By Leigh Anne Terry | Jan. 13, 2014

Creating a modern work environment doesn’t always mean going to the extreme (we’re looking at you, companies with slides in your offices!). Here’s how credit unions can create engaging workplaces that, well, actually work.

By Callahan & Associates | Dec. 17, 2013

New York-based AmeriCU Credit Union launched teller kiosks and increased self-service transactions throughout its membership.

By Janet Lee | Nov. 14, 2013

By Mark Reed | Oct. 14, 2013

The number of branches a credit union has can impact its financial performance, from balance sheet growth to efficiency and productivity.

By Alix Patterson | Sept. 5, 2013

By Erik Payne | Aug. 22, 2013

Why workers are unproductive and what credit unions can do to boost employee productivity.

By Mark Reed | July 22, 2013

An examination of the planned merger of Pioneer and Capital credit unions in Wisconsin.

By Catherine Siskos | July 15, 2013

The entire staff at Neighbors FCU takes ownership of strategic planning, but the credit union must respect that ownership by directly addressing discontent over chosen initiatives.

By Catherine Siskos | June 26, 2013

As San Francisco moves to enforce mandatory flex-work schedules, we look at how credit unions can benefit from offering employees the option to work remotely.

By Andrew Bolton | June 3, 2013

By Aaron Pugh | May 20, 2013

How one former branch manager brought out the untapped potential of his employees and gleaned valuable insights into what makes branch leadership effective.

By Yun Ma | April 15, 2013

With clearly designated roles, Premier America’s branch employees enjoy greater productivity and job satisfaction.

By Yun Ma | April 5, 2013

A business professor’s study shows the benefits of illustrating cause and effect.

By Drew Grossman | Feb. 28, 2013

Faking enthusiasm at work can have negative effects on employees. Luckily the credit union movement offers a lot to be excited about.

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 14, 2013

A Texas credit union looks to vendor management, conversion-related momentum, and a healthy dose of skepticism to build an expansive technology base without breaking the bank.

By Mark Reed | Jan. 11, 2013

By Yun Ma | Jan. 11, 2013

When it comes to human productivity, it’s time for a new standard of measurement.

By Parth Kapoor | Jan. 10, 2013

By Catherine Siskos | Jan. 10, 2013

Special perks go a long way toward keeping employees happy.

By Mark Reed | Jan. 9, 2013

By Andrew Bolton | Jan. 8, 2013

By Aaron Pugh | Jan. 7, 2013

Upper Cumberland increases loan generation by tearing down departmental silos.

By Catherine Siskos | Jan. 7, 2013

Programs that encourage professional development and employee well-being benefit staff members and credit unions alike.

By Catherine Siskos | Jan. 7, 2013

Nathan Hickman, remote workforce manager for BECU, shares lessons learned for managing home-based employees.

By myCUmortgage | Jan. 7, 2013

As sources for revenue decrease, lenders must get the most out of each loan and be aware of how their pricing stacks up to the competition.

By Yun Ma | Jan. 7, 2013

How one credit union is augmenting their teller services with technology to improve productivity.

By Cummins Allison | Jan. 7, 2013

Achieve weekly teller productivity increases through streamlined coin handling.

By Mark Reed | Jan. 7, 2013

While expense management is still a central focus for credit unions going into 2013, many are hiring employees and looking to increase productivity to drive new revenue.

By Parth Kapoor | Jan. 7, 2013

By Alix Patterson | Jan. 7, 2013

Studies show that scarcity of time and money can lead to bad decision-making. The lesson? We may be more productive if we try to get less done.

By Rebecca McClay | Dec. 10, 2012

University of Iowa Community Credit Union reported 22.3% in loan growth in the third quarter with a business model that tracks efficiency “almost fanatically.”

By Aaron Pugh | Nov. 5, 2012

Technology can create branch efficiencies and versatility while enhancing member convenience.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 21, 2012

The financial system is ripe for enhanced cooperation between leagues, CUSOs, credit unions, and talented individuals.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 17, 2012

Sharing resources and leadership among separate credit unions and brand-aware merger partners creates scale without isolating a localized membership base.

By Aaron Pugh | July 30, 2012

Grow Financial invests in employee well-being with a smoke-free campus, monetary rewards, and a host of wellness resources.

By Rebecca Wessler | June 12, 2012

Get an in-depth perspective on Members 1st Federal Credit Union's successful lending strategies.

By Mark Reed | April 30, 2012

Credit union employees are handling more members and accounts than ever before.

By Alogent | Feb. 13, 2012

This checklist will help credit unions quickly determine if it is time to replace their current document management system.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2012

3Q 2011 Peer Group Performance Comparison: Distribution of Assets & Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, Distribution of State Performance: YTD Auto Loan Market Share

By Aaron Pugh | Nov. 7, 2011

A new take on innovation puts employees in control of everything from fixing glitches to building branches.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2011

2Q 2011 Peer Group Performance Comparison: Distribution of all Assets & Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, Distribution of State Performance: YTD Auto Loan Market Share

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 26, 2011

To gain more efficient operations from branch employees, you’ve got to give.

By Aaron Pugh | Sept. 14, 2011

Daily correspondence is a necessity. But failure to manage it properly can snuff out productivity.

By | Sept. 12, 2011

It takes more than talent to restructure your employee environment from the ground up. It takes the right attitude and a shared mentality of success.

By Aaron Pugh | Aug. 25, 2011

From the backroom to the branch floor, caffeinated beverages may affect your operation more than you know.

By Thomas Cullen | Aug. 8, 2011

This Washington state credit union emphasizes cross-training and the cooperative culture to generate robust branches.

By Aaron Pugh | July 18, 2011

Front-line representatives aren’t just the first contact point for members. They’re a key figure in the efficiency equation.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2011

1Q 2011 Peer Group Performance Comparison: The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, Distribution of State Performance: YTD Auto Loan Market Share

By Aaron Pugh | June 28, 2011

Stress and the avoidance of it can affect every aspect of your business.

By Rebecca McClay | June 20, 2011

As the structure of the financial services system evolves with the economic recovery, credit unions are poised to become the community lenders of the 21st Century.

By Lydia Cole | April 25, 2011

Operating expense to income, efficiency, members per employee: Three metrics to evaluate your credit union and bridge the gap between macro trends and micro performance.

By Thomas Cullen | April 12, 2011

Employment news, fuel prices, and organizational structure mean something for cooperatives during the week of April 11.

By Aaron Pugh | Feb. 3, 2011

Want to make a bigger impact on the communities you serve? Look – and listen – to your employees.

By Thomas Cullen | Feb. 3, 2011

Credit unions are increasing efficiencies in the workplace and contributing to local economies.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 31, 2011

Call center metrics help a credit union assess the overall performance of the call center and its agents.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 3, 2011

Credit unions use profitability management to enhance membership value.

By Jay Johnson | Nov. 29, 2010

Credit unions are increasing their technology budgets, especially for features that enhance member service, improve accessibility, or help the institution keep pace with regulatory compliance.

By Thomas Cullen | Sept. 16, 2010

FedEx posted profits but still feels the need to cut jobs; the shipping giant is constantly looking for ways to improve.

By Jay Johnson | Sept. 2, 2010

Opportunities and challenges in an uncertain environment

By Aaron Pugh | Aug. 31, 2010

Credit unions are navigating some of the most ambitious purchase and acquisitions in industry history, but how might merging customers and employees from the banking world into your not-for-profit institution play out?

By Thomas Cullen | Aug. 25, 2010

Team dynamics affect credit union performance and member experience. Here are two perspectives to help managers foster productive environments.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2010

1Q 2010: YTD Credit Union Auto Loan Origination Market Share by State, The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across all Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group

By Callahan & Associates | April 1, 2010

The collective performance of America's 7,710 credit unions in 2009 showed the public why they were granted a separate and distinct operating charter in 1934.

By Steve Comer | March 23, 2010

Be a superhero at your credit union when you demonstrate how electronic workflow aids automatic decision making and complex routing.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 1, 2010

Tyndall's performance-based culture maximizes efficiency and incentivizes employees.

By Rebecca Wessler | Jan. 1, 2010

Anheuser-Busch Employees Credit Union raises expense awareness and increases profitability.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2010

3Q 2009: Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, ROM Scores by Peer Group

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2010

How Dow Louisiana used a remote teller system to increase safety and productivity.

By Lydia Cole | Dec. 10, 2009

Over the last year, 25.2 percent of credit unions expanded their employment rosters while 27.9 percent reduced their workforce by at least one.

By Nick Connors | Aug. 31, 2009

Credit unions set new records for loan volume and share growth for the first six months. Even ROA before NCUSIF expenses exceeds 2008 results. Investments total of $268 billion shows there is more capacity for loan growth. All the data is here now!

It takes more than excellent products for credit unions to grow. Employee education and confidence also play major roles in their success.

By Sam Brownell | Aug. 11, 2009

Providing your employees with your credit union's key performance measurements in a way that they can easily understand is a powerful motivator.

By Lydia Cole | July 6, 2009

When measuring your investment services program’s performance, it is critical to understand how individual benchmarks represent a piece of the puzzle. If considered separately, the individual metrics do not tell the whole story as to how the program’s management team should improve the program’s overall productivity.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2009

Especially in these times, every credit union seeks new ways to further streamline their operations. Member Relationship Mamagement (MRM) can help every credit union become more efficient, while at the same time helping their front line staff in providing better service and improving cross-selling efforts. And who doesn't want these things?

By Lydia Cole | June 22, 2009

When measuring your investment services program’s performance, it is critical to understand how individual benchmarks represent a piece of the puzzle. If considered separately, the individual metrics do not tell the whole story as to how the program’s management team should improve the program’s overall productivity.

By Nick Connors | May 11, 2009

Preliminary 1Q results show a mixed bag for efficiency metrics, as credit unions look to manage their expense levels to stay in the black.

By Nick Connors | May 7, 2009

Increasing operating efficiencies is becoming a major focus for a number of credit unions in the current environment. Can freeing up resources, operating more efficiently, and changing your credit union’s culture have the desired impact on the balance sheet?

By Callahan & Associates | May 4, 2009

By Finastra | April 20, 2009

By streamlining workflows and pumping up self-service offerings, credit unions can create a leaner, more productive operation to offset shrinking margins.

By Sam Brownell | March 2, 2009

With branch investment growing, how are credit unions measuring the success of this important delivery channel? For many credit unions, both internal and external metrics are used to understand the success of branches.

By Callahan & Associates | Jan. 1, 2009

3Q 2008: The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, The Average Credit Union $1B+ in Assets, The CUSP Financial Profile, Callahan's Credit Union Scorecard, 2008 Percentile Rankings for Peer Group and CUs between $250M-$500M in Assets, Credit Unions $1B Or More in Assets, Credit Unions $500M-$1B in Assets, Credit Unions $250M-$500M in Assets, Credit Unions $100M-$250M in Assets, Credit Unions $50M-$100M in Assets, Credit Unions $20M-$50M in Assets, Credit Unions $10M-$20M in Assets

Partner Perspective
Stressed? Be a calming influence.

By fiVision | Dec. 8, 2008

Talk about stress. The holidays can be a stressful time of year … even in a normal year! With collections activity up, members panicked, staff working hard to meet growth goals for the end of the year, help your credit union become a calming influence in this stressful time.

By Leigh Anne Terry | Oct. 13, 2008

Are you spending too much time looking for your organizations’ leader instead of helping a current employee achieve that goal?

By Kathleen Peterson | Oct. 13, 2008

Call Quality Programs in call centers are an important element in monitoring and improving the Member’s experience, as well as measuring the effectiveness of people, process and technology.

By Callahan & Associates | Oct. 1, 2008

2Q 2008: The Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets and Institutions Across all Peer Groups, 2008 Percentile Rankings for Cus Between $100M-$250M in Assets, Asset Quality by Peer Group

By Callahan & Associates | Sept. 22, 2008

Common barriers and common sense solutions to help credit unions get ahead of the competition and get past those barriers to achieve the results they want.

By Dane Coalson | Sept. 15, 2008

Located in an area that was ravaged by the recent Iowa floods, Metco is helping their members cope with the aftermath.

Partner Perspective
Do You Believe?

By fiVision | Sept. 15, 2008

A plethora of ingredients go into creating an environment of happy employees. A key part of creating this environment is giving them the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

By Lydia Cole | Sept. 15, 2008

Credit unions with retail investment programs are experiencing growth through referrals both to and from the credit union. While most programs are tracking referral activity from the credit union to the investment services program, only about one-third are tracking referrals from the investment program back to credit union products and services.

By Lydia Cole | Sept. 1, 2008

Chartered in 1935, Justice Federal serves as the Department of Justice, its associated agencies including the FBI and DEA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Courts of the District of Columbia and law enforcement affinity groups.

By Kathleen Peterson | Aug. 18, 2008

Turnover in the call center is very much like a fuel leak - only the fuel that is leaking is talent. The impact areas to your operation are multiple, significant, and costly.

By | July 14, 2008

Check out our discoveries to learn how you can relate these characteristics and remedies to your leadership skills for successful results at your credit union.

By Callahan & Associates | July 1, 2008

1Q 2008: Consolidated Credit Union Financial Statement, Financial Summary, Key Ratios, Peer Group Performance Comparison, Distribution of Assets & Institutions Across All Peer Groups, Asset Quality by Peer Group, Peer Group Consolidated Statement ($1B+), Peer Group Consolidated Statement ($50M-$1B)

By Ray Springsteen | May 26, 2008

For many credit unions, the call center plays an extremely important role in the organization. With a unit as important as the call center, selecting the right metrics to monitor is vital.

By Ray Springsteen | April 7, 2008

Three credit unions focused on branch performance demonstrate the effects of their productivity on the bottom line.

By Nick Connors | March 24, 2008

Tyndall FCU’s performance-based culture has resulted in a dramatic increase in sales productivity, teller transitions and a $1 million cost savings in less than two years.

By fiVision | March 10, 2008

Online enrollment is an important technology, but what have you done to invest in the 80% of your enrollment activities that happen the old-fashioned way – face-to-face?

How one credit union replaced 27 separate incentive plans with Stakeholders and experienced double-digit growth.

By Ray Springsteen | Nov. 26, 2007

In most financial institutions a service level of 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds or less is standard. Credit unions can improve service level performance and reduce member wait time in many ways.

By | Oct. 22, 2007

Research, however, shows that 75% of major change efforts fail to meet the expectations of stakeholders. What can you do to beat the odds?

By Pete Snyder | Oct. 1, 2007

Credit unions have a new opportunity to benchmark their Retail Investment Program performance and productivity.

Partner Perspective
Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust

By fiVision | Oct. 1, 2007

A substantial differentiating aspect that will win the financial services game is based on how you execute the fundamentals

By | Sept. 24, 2007

Even though your organization may seem “unsinkable,” are you making sure that unseen issues will not capsize your projects before they even get off the ground.

By Level 9 | Sept. 17, 2007

Not sure? Let's find out...

By Atif Iqbal | Aug. 20, 2007

Adoption of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is finally reaching a tipping point bringing cost savings and service benefits to credit unions who adopt the technology.

By Nick Connors | Aug. 13, 2007

The call center is a vital component of any credit union's back office, and increasing its efficiency has become a key focus for many credit unions.

By | Aug. 6, 2007

Too many “works-in-progress” can quickly clog the system and keep your credit union from achieving project goals in a timely manner.

By My Credit Union | July 30, 2007

If you are struggling to choose between an intranet, portals and Sharepoint, perhaps a product that takes the best of all three is in order?

By | July 16, 2007

The business world’s pursuit of speed is unrelenting. And every new wrinkle requires a change in your organization. But how do you adapt correctly and consistently?

By Carolyn Douglas | July 2, 2007

Boasting their new intranet as a premier communications tool, USA Federal Credit Union fundamentally changes the way their users communicate.

By Nick Connors | June 18, 2007

Tyndall FCU’s performance-based culture has resulted in a dramatic increase in sales productivity, teller transitions and a $1 million cost savings in less than two years.

Partner Perspective
Omigosh! We need more people!

By fiVision | April 30, 2007

Sound like a familiar request? If you are growing – or want to – it most likely does sound familiar. Perhaps it is time to consider some moves to make your current team more productive without adding new employees

By | April 30, 2007

Self-discipline is a precursor AND predictor of success. That translates not only to an individual’s success, but a company’s success as well.

By | March 26, 2007

Avoid the easy-to-fall-into blunders and make winning, collaborative decisions as you prepare for future success.

By Jay Johnson | March 19, 2007

Ensuring employees understand the credit union difference is critical in educating members. One idea for how to demonstrate the difference to both may be to post recent press releases – the value difference in clear.

By fiVision | March 5, 2007

Help put the right words in your employees' mouths by putting the right information at their fingertips.

By Leigh Anne Terry | Oct. 30, 2006

Michigan State University FCU has happy members and a familial employee atmosphere – but no bonuses or sales incentives.

By Appoorva Saxena | April 10, 2006

This is the final article of our series on employment trends and statistics focusing on headcount, salaries & benefits, and productivity in the credit union industry from December 2000 to December 2005.

By Sydney Mathis | April 3, 2006

Staff expenses are the single largest cost category for credit unions. The costs, however, may be greater than you think.

By | March 20, 2006

Many credit unions today are experiencing shrinking margins – requiring credit union executives to try to do “more with less.”

By Annie Sebastian | Feb. 13, 2006

Employee buy-in is always critical, especially in the fast paced, high-pressure call center environment. Developing an effective incentive program is Financial Resources’ strategy for call center success.

By | Dec. 12, 2005

State Employees’ Credit Union (MD) used cutting-edge technology to revamp its in-house operations to streamline project management and allow for increased staff accountability.

By Tom Geggel | Oct. 31, 2005

The net spread per employee ratio is a productivity measure that portrays a wide array of business models among credit unions over $1 billion in assets.

By Melissa Murphy | Sept. 19, 2005

Developing an effective personnel strategy is a key way to enhance productivity at the branch.

By Sara Wolfe | Aug. 22, 2005

In Part 2 of this series we explore the performance of credit unions with incentive programs. Is there a correlation between staff incentives and operational results?

By Dan Holton | April 18, 2005

Ball State FCU ($73M) and Educational Employees CU ($1.2B) are both using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to enhance communication services and reduce expenses.

By Tom Geggel | Feb. 7, 2005

Digital knowledge management is critical to long-term success. Learn how several credit unions have implemented knowledge management strategies to increase employee productivity and member satisfaction.

By | Feb. 7, 2005

Projects can be completed 30 percent faster and companies realize a 31 percent improvement in quality by automating management, according to a recent survey.

By Tom Geggel | Nov. 29, 2004

State Employees Credit Union executives in Lansing, MI ($650m) improved employee communication by implementing an intranet. Learn the benefits of developing a knowledge management system.

By | Nov. 29, 2004

Project Management is a system of “connections” working together – rather than discrete activities working separately. Learn the seven key elements that comprise an effective project management system.

By Bucky Sebastian | Oct. 25, 2004

Ed Callahan and Bucky Sebastian outline the four ingredients managers need to develop and maintain functional, winning employee teams.