Is Bigger Better?

Late in the fourth quarter of the Great Recession, credit unions are the equivalent of the Colts defense.


While reading this Wall Street Journal article about the Colts defense, I thought of financial institutions. The author, as other sports commentators have pointed out, details the Colts stats – shorter and lighter than most everyone else in the NFL. This is a good thing though:

“As their larger opponents on the offensive side of the ball begin to slow down and lose focus, the Colts say they start gaining an edge. ‘It allows you to play faster," says Colts cornerback Kelvin Hayden. "In the fourth quarter, those guys who are big on the offense tend to wear down. As the game goes on, our front seven are not as tired.’”

Are credit unions the equivalent of the Colts defense when compared to the larger financial industry? Late, perhaps even in the final minutes of the Great Recession, credit unions across the country have sustained lending to consumers cut off from bank credit lines, modified more mortgages than Bank of America, and helped rebuild confidence in the financial system.

For more credit union – football ties, read my colleague Nick Connors’ article on Callahan & Associates’ official prediction for the Super Bowl.