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 Best Practices From COVID-19

Best Practices From The Year Of COVID-19

Credit unions responded quickly to the harms presented by the novel coronavirus by implementing strict hygiene and distancing measures, deploying remote staffing operations, rolling out virtual services, closing branches, and more. No one knows what “normal” will look like a year from now, but the solutions and practices highlighted in this Callahan Collection will have applications for years to come.


New Year. Less Debt.

It’s a tradition that dates back ages: Start a new year, and vow to kick an old, bad habit. In the modern era, a common New Year’s resolution involves money. Specifically, saving more and spending less of it. Check out this Callahan Collection to see what strategies — savings challenges, refinance programs, prize-linked savings lotteries, and more — credit unions are using to help members reach their financial goals every day of the year.


Help For The Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of happiness and celebration, well-wishing and thanksgiving. For consumers feeling a financial pinch, however, the holidays can turn into a time of stress, anxiety, and worry. This Callahan Collection is dedicated to those credit unions that have stepped up with products and education to help members stretch — and stick to — their budgets. Because, help for the holidays is a gift that lasts all year long.


When Disaster Strikes

In the shadow of the worst-case scenario, credit unions rise to be the best resource they can be for their members, communities, and more. This Callahan Collection brings together industry stories on how to deal with disaster while adding a human touch to financial services.

Dive Into Deposits

Dive Into Deposits

The credit union industry’s loan portfolio has grown rapidly in the past five years — and with it, the loan-to-share ratio, which is in all-time-high territory. Although it is part of the cooperative mission to extend credit, finding sources of liquidity from which to lend has increasingly become a challenge. This Callahan Collection dives into the data that illustrates the movement’s need for more deposits and takes a look at the different ways credit unions are rising to meet the challenge.

A Guide To Member Experience

A Guide To Member Experience

A 2018 a global survey by Forrester Consulting identified “customer retention/loyalty” and “customer experience” as the top two business priorities for global companies across eight industries. “Grow revenue” came in at No. 3. Of the industries surveyed by Forrester, financial services firms ranked highest in customer experience maturity. Retail banks and credit unions were among the first to jump on the customer experience bandwagon, and the pieces in this Callahan Collection showcase the different ways credit unions are tackling the topic.

Headquarter Design

Location, Location, Location

The first and only rule in real estate is location, and for good reason. But for credit unions looking to build a headquarters and set a long-term foundation, what makes a location attractive? What makes one community stand out against another? In this Callahan Collection, discover how credit unions approach headquarter building and design.


Must-Know Metrics For Credit Union Management

It is an NCUA mandate that a credit union’s board of directors have a “working familiarity with basic finance and accounting practices.” That’s for volunteers. Shouldn’t a credit union’s management staff have the same working knowledge of ratios that effect the credit union’s performance? This Callahan Collection covers concepts, definitions, and formulas every credit union volunteer and member of management should know.

Teller Technology

Teller Technology

Personal Teller Machines, Interactive Teller Machines, Video Teller Machines — whatever you call them, credit unions who ignore the value this evolving teller technology offers because of a past experience do so at their own peril. As one reader of put it, “History provides a way to learn how not to make the same mistake twice. This is a different machine and a different time.” This Callahan Collection will cover a list of objections, and how to overcome them, from hiring to deploying to benchmarking and more.

Reimagine Retail

Reimagine Retail

Even with the increasing prevalence of digital banking channels, the credit union branch remains a primary point of contact for many members. But the swiftly changing expectation in member experience has put an onus on credit unions to redefine or reimagine the retail experience for the next five, 10, or 20 years. But where to start? This Callahan Collection hopes to provide credit unions with that inspiration.

The Branch Of The Future

The Branch Of The Future

It's no secret that the brick-and-mortar branch location is not as prevalent as it once was, as online and mobile offerings have added convenience but moved a significant chunk of business to these channels. As such, credit unions continually look for value in their physical presence, knowing that a personal connection can still mean something. These seven articles attempt to paint a clearer picture of the future of branches and how credit unions can still find value.