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 Career Assistance

Career Assistance

From internships to career (re)training, scholarships to familial aid, credit unions are pitching in to ensure their communities offer vibrant vocational opportunities for citizens and well-skilled employees for companies. Which strategy highlighted in this Callahan Collection will inspire the next, great, community-enhancing idea at your credit union?

 Best Practices From COVID-19

Best Practices From The Year Of COVID-19

Credit unions responded quickly to the harms presented by the novel coronavirus by implementing strict hygiene and distancing measures, deploying remote staffing operations, rolling out virtual services, closing branches, and more. No one knows what “normal” will look like a year from now, but the solutions and practices highlighted in this Callahan Collection will have applications for years to come.

DEI Best Practices

How To Make DEI A Reality At Credit Unions

Individuals, organizations, and industries — including credit unions — are starting to tackle in earnest the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their ranks. This Callahan Collection pulls together strategies and best practices to support real progress toward creating a more just workplace and society.


Opportunities In Online Reviews

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth. And just like how they impact where people go to satisfy hunger, online reviews persuade potential members to choose one financial institution over another. These best practices implemented by credit unions across the country show how to win over new members, address the concerns of upset members, and encourage your happiest members to be brand ambassadors.


Beyond A Building: How To Make A Headquarters Mean More

If home is where the heart is, then a credit union’s headquarters is the epicenter from which its culture, values, and philosophy radiate. Far from being a simple collection of bricks and mortar, many credit union headquarters demonstrate the important role of the cooperative in the communities it serves and cultivate employee engagement throughout the shop. This Callahan Collection highlights stories of credit unions turning basic buildings into integral ingredients for community and culture.


Niche Loans For Unique Needs

In today’s age of Amazon Prime and Apple Pay, it’s easy to confuse a superior experience with expedited service. Sure, many members want to point, click, or wave and be on their way, but others need assistance that falls outside an algorithm. And that’s where the credit unions featured in this Callahan Collection are making their mark. From employee-sponsored lending to weatherization loans, job training tie-ins to adoption assistance — and lots of opportunity in between — these credit unions have developed creative solutions to give members the credit they need.


New Year. Less Debt.

It’s a tradition that dates back ages: Start a new year, and vow to kick an old, bad habit. In the modern era, a common New Year’s resolution involves money. Specifically, saving more and spending less of it. Check out this Callahan Collection to see what strategies — savings challenges, refinance programs, prize-linked savings lotteries, and more — credit unions are using to help members reach their financial goals every day of the year.


Strategies For Sustainability

Credit unions are embracing their purpose and making values a cornerstone of their strategy. It’s possible to do well while doing good, and this Callahan Collection spotlights credit unions that are combining profit, passion, and the pursuit of happiness to achieve long-term sustainability.

Credit Unions And Their Community Impact

Credit Unions And Their Community Impact

It takes more than superb financial performance to run a truly successful credit union. As credit unions compete in the ever-growing field of financial services, they mustn’t lose sight of what sets them apart as cooperatives. Check out this Callahan Collection that brings together strategies and stories of credit unions making a positive impact on their members and communities — and proving cooperative FIs matter in the process.